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290 million year old human footprint – Researchers remain silent

  • Justsomeguy151

    These footprints are only baffling to evolutionists who have been brainwashed into thinking that the earth is “BILLIONS of years old”. To someone who can think critically, like a creationist, it’s obvious that humans and dinos all lived at the same time and it poses no problem at all for the Bible. There are numerous opparts (out-of-place-artifacts) that evos avoid because they would be damaging to their evolutionary faith.

    • http://ipblogging.com/ Tom Connelly

      According to the Bible humans and the earth should only be a few thousand years old, so it poses a problem for creationists too.

      • Justsomeguy151

        How so? You’re missing the point. The point is that the footprints AREN’T “290 MILLION years old”. That footprint proves that the system used to date fossils is arbitrary and pure garbage. And re: the giant footprint, well the Bible freely admits that there were several different tribes of cannibalistic evil giants roaming the MidEast and possibly the whole globe back then. Several ancient cultures that had never met describe evil cannibalistic giants. Dont listen to me, research it. Always verify what you’re told.

  • E JK73

    Hmmmmm….of course, discounting the possibility of a hoax or some random, weird, naturally created anomaly, it does make for some interesting possibilities. The fact that humans could have been around for so long is one interesting possibility. The other may be that time travel does eventually become a reality – something that physicists today say is a possibility; albeit an interesting and even dangerous one….

    • Justsomeguy151

      So the possibility that the method used to date fossils is fundamentally flawed hasn’t even occurred to you?? But time travel or a “naturally created anomaly” has??

  • charles

    Ive read more than once that there were many civilizations before ours that inhabited planet earth… have you ever thought why certain finds have been stopped by governments and only years after been released to the public… more than once I I have read that sights were ransacked by tjese same govt departments. .. serks more like these departments removes egery bit of evidence of prevprevprevious civilizations. Ive even read that in most cases its US dudes that rock up… so what are we not told and what is hidden away from us…

  • http://stonesnbones.blogspot.com/ Dr. GS Hurd

    The paleo-trackways were discovered in the Robledo Mountains by Jerry MacDonald. The site was named the Prehistoric Trackways National Monument (PTNM) in March of 2009, and brought international recognition to the locality northwest of Las Cruces, NM.

    However, the only association of the “human footprint” and this world famous site was the bald assertion by creationist Don Patton. It was not supported by any other documentation. Further, Jerry MacDonald has said that it was not part of the Robledo Mountains trackways. For a thorough debunking by paleontologist Glen Kuban, see: “The Zapata Track.”

  • Michael Monaghan

    have u ever thought the fossil itself is that old but maybe at one point it got soft and a human walked over it

  • juan asanelli

    La ciencia tradicional esta renuente a investigar cosas fuera de SU tiempo y otras curiosidades que hacen pensar que la humanidad es mucho mas vieja que lo que sesudos colegidores dicen, Yo personalmente he encontrado huellas de humanos y de pisadas grande como de un ave ( Dinosaurios ) quiza impresos en la piedra que en un tiempo fue lava fresca . No solo es en esta imagen;tomado en cuenta que los movimientos orogenicos que dieron origen a la formacion del escudo brasileño es MUUy antigua / Jurasico) ,