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37 Million Bees Dropped Dead After Farms In Ontario, Canada Sprayed Neonictinoids On Their GMO Crops

  • Survival Gardener

    The lack of dates, sources, and any quantitative data make this post tough to take seriously. Not to mention, right under your your article are a bunch of boobie ads. http://survivalgardener.com

    • cbtlr

      You’ll find a lack of dates, sources, and quantitative reliable data when someone believes in the anti-gmo movement like a religion. All peer reviewed academic journal articles don’t count when presented to people who simply don’t want to believe in science.

      • brainstream

        Or you can just create scientific sounding gibberish data to fit the narrative and have it published in journals to call it fact like the corporate paid “legitimate” research. Shills…

      • 12yearoldfag

        Bees are insects. It’s an insecticide. Many GMOs are designed with inherent insecticidal properties. It’s seems like a no-brainer, but apparently you need science and peer reviewed articles to figure this one out. Stop pretending you have any track with actual logic by referring to some peer reviewed data and sources when in fact you probably can’t tell them from Adam with this kind of ability to assimilate and evaluate what you read.

      • John N Cloe Iv

        Science believes in the anti GMO movement as well.

    • 12yearoldfag

      The reason you have particular ads is they are chosen by what you habitually look at. Don’t blame the site, it’s you.

      • Greg Abbott

        Ummm. I don’t habitually look at booby pics there 12 year old fag, and I see the ads as well. Great handle by the way.

    • John N Cloe Iv

      Look up facts about neonictinoids and the environment and you might take it more seriously.

  • Sam Herzlich

    fuck this shit sons of bitches

  • D S

    what do neonicotinoids have to do with gmos/? putting the two together in the headline makes it sound reactionary instead of a sound balanced article.

    • John N Cloe Iv

      GMO s have the ability to with stand more pesticides for that is the reason for the genetic changes.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/whatUneverknew whatUneverknew

    You realize there’s a roach spray can ad in the midst of this article? -_-

  • Lindaem

    Uhhhhh,,, why don’t I believe this article?

    • John N Cloe Iv

      You choose not to.

    • Ralph Shepard

      what do you not believe exactly? That the bees are dying? That insecticides are causing the death of the bees? or that GMO’s make it possible to apply more and or stronger insecticides?

    • ikillpeople666

      because it is more painful to accept the truth.. if people knew what was really going on we would have world wide panic. Luckily for the people in control most people are like you and turn their eyes and say I didnt see it it is not happening.

  • John N Cloe Iv

    How can we feed the world without bees? If you want to do something about it don’t buy this garbage without consumers there will be no product. Any other ideas on what we can do would be gre

  • JK

    You link to snopes and truth-out, both of which discredit your entire article.

  • annamarie
  • ikillpeople666

    wake up people <3 please. we dont have much time, our lives and our childrens lives depend on us changing as a people.