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7 Legal Herbs That Can Alter Your Consciousness and Super-Charge your Dreams

  • Kris Hughes

    It’s so much better to include the Latin names for any plant mentioned in an article like this. Plants often have more than one “common” name, and names are sometimes applied to more than one plant. If an author can’t be bothered to look them up and included them, why should I trust them?

    • Jason

      Perhaps demanding that people do as you see fit is something for you to address. You consider it incompetence to not list the Latin names as well. Someone else could consider your undeveloped self-awareness incompetence. Finding fault with the behavior of another isn’t a quality we wish to see emulated. Instead, turn it around and look within ourselves. Develop an authentic understanding of our own behavior. Find the errors that we have control over and focus on those. Humans mimic. Which quality is the more individually & collectively beneficial quality to mimic?

      • Seth A. Yellin

        Jason- Agreed. We have Wikipedia and many other major and trusted sources if we shall further ourselves to acquire more knowledge. :D. #CheersM8. #FeelTheBern. #BernHeal. #Namaste. #Fibonacci. #Metaphysics. #Science. #Literature.

  • martin woyzeck

    How/where do you obtain these?