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Archaeologists discover 16 ancient Pyramids

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    “Unlike in Ancient Egypt, where pyramids were only built for royalty and members of the elite”–But the pyramids of Ancient Egypt weren’t built for the “elite,” and they weren’t tombs. Well, a couple were, but most were generators and healing chambers using sound wave technology. This b.s. is the same b.s. westerners try to pass off as Native Americans “truth,” like Thanksgiving. They should really ask the natives rather than spewing opinion as ‘fact.’ btw…I’m Native–and we absolutely do NOT celebrate this holiday, nor are/were any natives ‘thankful’ the settlers ever arrived.

    What makes me completely question this information is when they discuss “Isis” and “the underworld.” Ancient Matriarchal Egypt was spiritual, peaceful, and wise. They did not obsess over death, they simply knew it was part of the process–like matriarchal native American tribes, which were 90% of them. Patriarchal Babylonians infiltrated and destroyed Ancient (matriarchal) Egypt, created “kings,” the Amun Priesthood, and “dynasties”(all patriarchal hierarchies) that eventually led to its downfall. Patriarchal groups are insane and always at war trying to take over someone’s country or tribe.

    At best these ruins are poor knock-offs of the original (Great) Pyramid designs with true dates being built 4000-7000b.c.–If these 2000y/o pyramids and their builders had the real tech, their work would still be standing. When disinformation like this is still displayed in the face of real ‘discovery,’ it makes me question the validity of the entire article. I’m surprised they didn’t declare the ‘tables’ of Osiris human sacrifice chambers. Patriarchal groups are also into “blood” type rituals like sacrifices.

    If you’d like to learn the real truth about the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt (5000+b.c.) then watch the series “The Pyramid Code” on YouTube. Much more honestly informative than this article, and what most “experts” claim.