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El Salvador Kicks Monsanto & Their Seeds Out Of Country

  • Ros Curwood

    Good job for them that they are not in TTIP. Once that nasty secretly negotiated treaty gets going any signatory will be hard put to keep out the likes of Monsanto and the grisly and cynical working practices they use: anything to make a profit. But its very good news that they have been baulked in El Salvador. I read so much these days about people who are very seriously ill with diseases like ME, CFS etc, and since our biological design is millions of years old, and evolved in specific conditions for fairly basic foods I think it likely that companies like Mansanto may well be responsible, with their aggressive corporate attitudes, for introducing into the food chain substances which we are ill adapted to continually process. Be good if they researched that instead of ways to corner the seed market.

  • bekk31

    They just found a pot of native american squash seeds 800 years old..an extinct species. ..they put them in the ground and they grew squash. They’re bringing the species back. And Monsanto invents seeds that die after 1 year. F#ck Monsanto.

  • Isaac

    As the Zionist Jew Henry Kissinger said “Take control of the money and you can control the whole country”, but take control of the food and you can control the whole humanity”. The NWO (New Word Order) agenda is going full blast.

  • Alcopuff Reklaw

    I am in awe at the power these people have shown, Fda (MONSANTO same people run same Companies) are Mass Bio-Engineers that want to Assimilate us to A PRODUCE they can MANipulate… FUCK DEM (them). You Are ALL LEGENDS Xx*

  • Zelene Gonzalez

    I am very happy to know that people recognize the health and dangers imposed by adapting to Monsanto/Engineered seeding unto our land and people. I hope many more countries can make their decisions with an outlook into the future of their people, we might be able to save many generations with longer life span as well.

  • Floridatexan

    To hell with Monsanto. They’re evil.