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He Holds The Patent That Could DESTROY Monsanto And Change The World!

  • Carole Bouchard

    But we need insects too ! How can we target only the bad ones, and not destroy all of them ?

    • massagrabber

      “Just like in the world of mammals, in the insect world, there are plant-eaters and there are animal-eaters.”
      Ask a farmer or his field hand what’s going on then devise a plan to win.
      win-win is ideal but a win will do.

      You may not have been aware but man has predators. Companies that feast on wars are predators; you probably knew that; may not want to admit it.

      • Bruce Wayne

        You’re a loon pretending to be an intellectual. Stick with what you know – Xbox 360

        • massagrabber

          you have insulted the ‘intellectual’ class Brucy but a comment such as yours does imply you belong to the ‘predator’ class. I won’t list the 3 elements of affliction yet the most obvious is the number of multi syllable words used.
          I am just another dude trying to connect the dots without latin.

      • ckngldrado

        I don’t even come close to being a biologist or entomologist. But if this kills plant eating insects, would that not also kill the one’s that pollinate as well, as suggested above in the comments?

        • massagrabber

          A easier way to relate to the subject;

          do you like spinach? maybe

          does a deer like chives? no

          does a dog like glycol? unfortunately

          does a bee like pollen or mushroom?

          does Paul Stamets know what he is talking about?


          • ckngldrado

            Thanks. But if that was a response to my question it didn’t answer it , regardless of what Stamets is claiming. I just asked if a “product” like this killed plant eating insects would it not kill those that pollinate as well.

          • massagrabber


            The exercise to a more complete answer would have to include either a willingness, ability or a trusted laboratory that could engineer tests to include a satisfactory range of pollinators in an extensive range of environments which would provide a satisfactory percentile of failures necessary to invalidate his claims of a better answer to pest control than Monsantos (because that is the known benchmark).
            Each of his 20 claims includes
            A method of attracting social insects comprising providing an insect attracting amount of an entomopathogenic preconidial mycelium selected from the group consisting of Metarhizium and Beauveria

            and then refines to 18 specific points as reference to extend his claims

            Beyond the claims, of course is the fact it is patented. The patent doesn’t include harming pollinators but I suspect Monsanto didn’t include it in their GMO field products. You and I probably think they should have but forgot, right?
            Good Luck

          • fakkunamae

            this is probably the only coherent post you made. study it and the others and work on your neurosis.

          • Wacky Tobaccy

            I’m not sure what massgrabber’s issues are, but let me answer your question with another question. Do bees eat plants? The mushroom seems to fool plant eating insects to eat the mushrooms, which infect them.

            Easy peasy. I just wish the article was more clear on that.

          • A Weems

            Bees eat/use products produced by plants like pollen, nectar, tree resins, etc. So whether that would be enough exposure to the myco-toxin to harm them is not stated. Ever seen the video of a fungus growing out of an ant? It’s pretty gruesome. And some who study such things have put forth their belief that cancer is a fungus and have shown how it can be killed with anti-fungals. So does Stamets really know if foods treated with his insecticidal products will be safe for bees or even for us? I doubt it. And I hate the products of Monsanto and companies like them so don’t misunderstand my intentions here. It’s just that mankind so frequently thinks he knows how to do something and later finds out he has made a colossal mistake. I really really hope Stamets is right and that his products are harmless to bees and us. I wish he would invent one that kills ticks and mosquitoes. But then bats and the like might all go away and then what would go away because of the bats being gone….though I can’t imagine, for the life of me, what would suffer for lack of ticks. I for one would celebrate for a long time.

  • Dan Neves

    How do we know these will be worse for the bees than Monsanto?

  • http://chuckmanwords.wordpress.com/ CHUCKMAN

    This may be an answer to nothing.

    How do we know turning insects into fungi “from the inside ou” will prove any more benign than Monsanto chemicals? We don’t.

    • massagrabber

      sure you do. Being ignorant to a science fact that a biological process is taking place when you eat cherrios or big mac or soy based proteins or drink arsenic are easy to understand with a minimal number of facts. If you know that roundup is a product of Monsanto; that its a toxin which you ingest from its genetically modified seeds grown into your food product such as cherrios or soy or chemically injected cattle will damage everyone pretty much (hasty generalization) creating disharmony. All zionists are in fact disharmony which is antithetical to wholesome societal development. It doesn’t matter whether you acknowledge it or not, there it is.
      A French court upheld on Thursday a 2012 ruling in which Monsanto was found guilty of chemical poisoning of a French farmer +++++

    • waveydavie
    • Greg Van Dugteren

      what we do know is that there is nothing “benign” about Monsanto chemicals…they are more often than not toxic to both humans and the environment in some way…it seems to me that putting some effort into supporting this concept may prove far more beneficial in the long run that the billions of dollars that has been poured into GMO’s and chemical options which (by your logic) should also never have been produced ..because we don’t know?

  • Maribeth Theisen

    Love the info, but the title is combative. You might get more shares if you have a title that says something about saving pollinating insects, crops and soil. If I understand correctly, the insects that eat the fungus actually get a fungal infection that kills them, right?

    • fakkunamae

      unfortunately, I doubt it. People want eco chambers, not news the world can be saved.

    • ZHelene

      Monsanto gained riches off the term “killing” of insects, so I am not so sure you are correct. To do your nice suggestion might claim two results… When only ONE is known. The idea needs pursueing to find out. I am sure the founding mycologist might say or know more!

  • Overcomer

    Then why has he not done anything to help people…how many people will die from eating this poison gmo since 2006…how many children with cancer have to die before he does something to stop Monsanto and help people…he should not have the patented if he has not done his job it will be 10 years

  • reginabee

    is this why they created and unleashed the Crispr mushrooms? What do we do now? http://www.nature.com/news/gene-edited-crispr-mushroom-escapes-us-regulation-1.19754

  • Organic Farming Guru

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  • Organic Farming Guru
  • West

    Incase You didn’t know Monsanto doesn’t give a rats A** over insects either especially the Bees. They have Killed off more Bees than the whole world of sprays put together. In my thoughts Not only does it effect the Insects, Monsanto’s also poisoning Our Children. There is more Cancer and Child Illnesses and infections then ever before and it’s all because Monsanto is feeding Our Kids the Pesticides, and fertilizer that is Genetically Engineered into the New so called GMO corn, soybean, etc, etc. It’s a way to depopulate the over populated United States. Wake Up America We need Natural Ways to live by and Get rid of the Corporate Vermin like Monsanto, the Pharma, the Controlling Utility Companies, and the Dirty Politicians that Rob the American People Everyday. EVERYDAY ! !