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Humans have been on Earth for millions of years: Ancient Technologies that shouldn’t exist

  • Munk

    Article states: “Numerous researchers firmly believe that advanced human civilizations have been on Earth for millions of years.”
    ~Which researchers?

    Referring to hammer, article states: “According to studies of the Metallurgical Institute of Columbia….”
    ~Search of the internet reveals that there is no “Metallurgical Institute of Columbia”.

    Referring to pot, article states: “According to geologists…”
    ~Which geologists?

    Referring to the iron cup, article states: “its discoverer was Frank J. Kennard and according to him, it was
    found within a block of coal. The usual problems are seen in the
    discovery of this item, anecdotal evidence is basically the only thing
    we have, yet that does not explain how the artifact ended up embedded in
    the coal which is around 300 million years old.”

    ~According to Frank it was found inside a block of coal. Article states anecdotal evidence is all we have, though goes on to suggest it was still embedded in 300 million year old coal. How do we know it was embedded, if anecdotal evidence is all we have? And how do we know the age of the coal? The question, did Frank have an ulterior motive is not raised. Upon search via google one finds the claim that “The Creation Evidence Museum” has a copy of the letter. Is the author of this article aware that the story of Frank J. Kennard’s iron cup is used as proof of creationism?

    One might say that articles like this are written with the intention to spread disinformation; to delude the unwary. This, or the author is more interested in generating clicks with surprising-seeming, fantastical articles than he is interested in verifiable research. Or, the author is simply gullible and not familiar with critical investigation. Whatever the case, this might as well be an article about a talking snake; it holds no weight.

    • David Boone

      Well said, nothing more needs to be added, thank you!!!

  • Julian McGuire Pot Farmer

    how do you know how old those things are?