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Models of Sustainability: Sweden Runs out of Garbage

  • Veritas

    The topic of this article is good. However, this is probably only the third of fourth article I have looked at on this website and EVERY one of them has had numerous grammatical errors. I simply cannot take your site seriously if this is the quality you are going to exhibit. I actually was going to share this article on Facebook but I cannot in good conscious because of the poor quality of writing.

    For goodness sake, at least proof-read your own writing once before posting it online. Are there not editors for your site?

  • Cic

    Why in hell do you write in the article “emissions from plants soar well above government limits” when in the video you hear clearly that emissions are less than half the limits. There are very strict limits in Europe for all emissions from waste incineration, and even stricter in countries like Sweden, and the current technology can more that handle limits. Many in countries like the US and the UK still think these are the plants from 50 years ago, which is totally not the case. Having a waste-to-energy plant in your neighborhood today is no worse than a few cars that pass on the street.