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Police in Norway Haven’t Killed Anyone in Nearly a Decade

  • Oldone67

    What is the incidence of drug and alchohol related crime in Norway? What is the unemployment rate? How many officers were killed on duty there last year? I am so tired of the anti police mentality. Take a walk in their shoes to see what it is like. Let all law enforcement take 2 weeks off nation wide and see if we the people want them back! This author should be ashamed!

    • WCarter

      It’s not the most balanced piece I have ever read, but face it – the USA has a problem with guns and attitudes. Norwegian police are less likely to come across a citizen with a firearm on their person, but are also trained differently.

    • patriciahoward

      there have been a grand total of ten officers killed in the line of duty since 1945….and there is a city in Texas that got rid of their police force and hired a private security company to only patrol the rougher areas and respond to calls of a criminal nature and their crime rate was reduced by 60 % much the same result was seen in a place in Spain….i think we’d be ok if they took a permanent vacation actually.