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Scientists now believe; Aliens created our species and manipulated our DNA

  • Mike Maliska
    • Stephen Raymer

      I was thinking the exact same thing.

  • http://thetheologiansoforion.com/ Athena Zeub

    They have known this for a long, long time. Come on now. Here is where some fo our DNA came from: http://www.thetheologiansoforion.com

  • xbj

    Uh… pardon the obvious, but isn’t the very definition of God from the Beginning been alien to us? What human is omniscient, omnipresent, immortal, etc.

    • Dina W


  • Zvona

    It’s all written in the “The Bells Of The Fourth Planet”.

  • Tejasmed

    To me, Earth was just some huge petri dish for the human race. It was science project for the Ancient Ones.. Remember, the history that this is the fourth experiment for this world. And may be the 5th world soon if this batch of humanity gets as bad as the last three. Usually the end is when the occupants, thru self greed, kill the very planet that supports the ability for the (life forms) to exist.Religion is the final cancer that causes the eventual death. Join my club..my cult…Support us with money at all costs, ours is better than theirs…and we will bond together to destroy all offenders. But, there is never any truth in that. The cults will suck all the resources away, waste them and endanger the balance of Nature. All because each person is taught at birth that their way is the only truth. Once ingrained into the human mind, Only few realize too late the truths.. And all will collapse around them. War and destruction will boil up. The petri dish is cleaned, and with some hope built in…a new experiment has a beginning.

  • ninjaboj

    I don’t agree with this nonsense at all! Only by a scientist!

    • Kanaris Kostopoulos

      as a former biology student i disagree with you. Science can not yet give all the answers and also many belief that were thought as nonsense fantasies in the past toady is an everyday routine. for example cloning, TV, mobile phones, flying ect. Also don’t forget that in fact every planet formed in the galaxy was created by materials of other dead planets , meteors , cosmic dust ect. A soup of cosmic material with numerous possibilities …in our case those materials combined properly and life was created ….so…..anything is possible.

  • John Calvin Murphy

    “in fact, researchers believe that our DNA is the most durable “construction” known, and that is why it represents an exceptionally reliable and intelligent storage for an alien signature” WOW!!!

  • Apul_MadeeqAoud

    My advice — ignore this website. It’s a whole lotta malarkey.

  • http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/things-you-must-have-in-your-man-cave Fair Go Cobber

    When I was young, I barely talked. I had some level of telepathy, so didn’t understand all the talk (which was also i knew a distortion of what people thought often, and again from the truth). I have often been asked in my life by gurus, palmists, etc., how on Earth someone like me survives in the west, and I should be in the Himalayas … It has been said many times that my rational mind and sense of humour must be what allows someone with my sensitivities to (just) survive. However, I do feel very dumbed down and like playing an act all the time, and operating at a low level, and I get various side effects and energetic drain (high empathy), sometimes extreme.

    I have been told I don’t have karma on this planet, and that would explain a lot. I am so used to adapting or distorting myself, that I often forget myself (well my illusory self). Only the Bodhisattva path makes sense to me. Orientation to worldly stuff is exhausting to me (excluding technology). Orientation to the pure and spiritual and at least good intentions is natural and uplifting. Staying grounded takes a lot of conscious effort. I have to say that it can be uneasy to be around someone like me, even if I say nothing, as I can see or feel people’s karma often. I mostly even try to play people’s ego games for their sake, but that is hard work ongoing. And, I can come under attack too, from the seen and unseen (which actually everyone does whether they realise it or not).

  • Niq

    Beyond any theological beliefs or otherwise, all life be it human, godly or extraterrestrial, consists of a living energy. If you look into different religions as well as science, you will see that there are similarities. The similarities are the basic foundation of each idea of life, the rest is pure speculation. Nobody really knows or can prove who or what created us. But what I know to be true, and I am no scholar, is that all life functions from some kind of energy. Just like electricity, there are positives and negatives in everything, even theological stories. Fact of the matter is that without those positives and negatives pushing against each other, there would be no balance. Without balance things would not function properly. Our very existence relys on a balance of cells. Our equalibrium is what keeps us in balance. The earth rotates on an axis which is balanced. Positives and negatives ultimately represent a point of origin and a destination resulting in a completed circle of life.

  • Samarth Narayan Singh

    Your answers might be here

  • Mike Lammers
  • Dakota Calhoon

    i would share this article, but the advertising on this page for ‘popular content’ completely cuts down the credibility of the source. what garbage.

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  • The Judge

    I’ve said this for 30 years….

  • Della Vest

    Wow, like someone, I dunno, um, a GOD who lives in Heaven, and created us in His image??? lol, y’all crack me up. All of this is already in Genesis.

    • Pioro

      But that “god” wasn’t a magical omnipotent being, but an alien with advanced, albeit also finite possibilities. Big difference.

  • drharishc

    As told by Ridley Scott in Prometheus

  • Craig Post

    Actually, DNA was encoded by Yahweh a little over 6000 years ago when the Type 2 Angel known as Adam was created inside the Third Heaven Hollow Earth where the Ætheric Quantum Superstring Waves are predominant over the Quantum Particles which is opposite of Earth’s surface. Then other extraterrestrial beings from other planets came and interbred with humanity until a certain 200 extra-terrestrial beings disobeyed Yahweh and interbred with humanity in which the first 3 created a few 500 foot giants (that most likely fled to the moon as indicated by some giant ancient moon buildings just before the Deluge) which were born from a larger hollow sun star systems such as Arcturus. After the Deluge, the Nephilim offspring demigods delineated greatly in size as they then became the Coneheads and Zeta-Hybrids as well as the elves and the gnomes such as those that are currently still hiding amongst Hawaii and South America to name just two. Sasquatch, Yeti, Bigfoot etc. are the original Earth Descendants from Neanderthal “cavemen” some millions of years ago. Just read 1 Enoch and 2 Enoch. 3 Enoch contradicts books 1 & 2 as it was channeled through to a Rabbi’s Greater Dweller aka Prince (Angel) of the Presence who claimed the 72 names of God as Metatron Enoch which most likely was from a parallel universe as several points also contradicts the Bible. Books 1 & 2 were most likely divided up when Joseph’s two sons split between Persia and the Slavic regions.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/compuaid/index.htm Ather

    Why must they be doing this on many worlds? Why not just on Earth? What evidence suggests this is a common practice, and not a one-off experiment? Like in The Outer Limits’ Origins Of The Species.

    The proof might not even be instructions. Just a signature like Slartibartfast.

    And a symbolic language? As in, we’re composed of Emoji?

  • gilcarlson

    According to the mysterious “Blue Planet Project Book” Aliens have been involved in human DNA manipulations throughout most of human existence and may have been the ones behind the “Adam and Eve” experiment that created us. Ready to discover more about the aliens?