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Studies Reveal “Smudging” Eliminates Dangerous Bacteria in the Air

  • AndAnon

    Did they use any kind of control on this study? It’s no secret that smoke is deadly to airborne pathogens, regardless of the source.

    • ryan

      nice to know!!!!

  • ryan

    I”m a First Nations person, and I’m going to tell you from a first nations perspective. my experience with sweet grass is embedded in daily life. if your feeling sad, or hurt it would change the atmosphere and energy around you and within you, it will take the negative thought]s and calm you down, so this is vary true, scientifically. And I got to let you know something, We native people we know that were energy and our spirit is energy, and so when sweet grass is burning, that too is energy and so when its the ground growing, there too its alive . So there fore we don’t got a religion we got a way of life, so when you say the word science, its the same word to us its just called the spirit, and not in a religious Term, but a word to explain the non-local intelligence, just cause you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, its the driving force behind the physical which is the consciousness “non-local-intelligence” plants are alive so are trees, So there fore there is a driving force behind the physical, which are molecules and atoms, which are energy. So don’t get religious and spirituality confused cause there two different concepts, spirituality comes from within, learning about yourself and experiencing human life, coming from energy that is also within and all around. Religion is someone else’s ideology an idea that didn’t come from you it something that was indoctrinated, believing in a cultivated belief system, so there fore its someone else s belief and not your own, it just became a part of who you are, In religions you temples, shrines, churches. Us native people mother nature was our church god is in us all about in every plant, rock, tree, theirs conciseness, energy! he is the supreme energy of all the cosmos , everything that is, was, and always will be, and energy is everything.

    • Heather Ferdinand

      for many years i was religious and attended an organized church. I was a true seeker and long story short. Spirit led me out from there on this adventure into a more expansive place and what you just described is how i have come to see it as well. Native Americans have always known this, we should have listened.

      • Samanda Marie

        Same here! I didn’t realize, though, how small-minded I had truley been! Love this exspansivness way more. 🙂

    • Samanda Marie

      This is the best explanation of these topics ever. Thank you! 🙂

    • Roseline Nangala Deleu

      can I please share your comment via my blog Ryan please? thank you – Roseline Deleu http://www.fengshuisteps.com

    • urnotathinkerareu?

      only problem here is the concept of god…in the native tradition it isnt god..it is the great spirit or the great mystery…it is part of human nature to call that which they do not know as ‘spirit” or “god”..I love the term “Great mystery” because that is what it is more than ANY other descdription..no one knows..NOONE .I wish everyone would be honest about that. I am an older aboriginal person…

  • ryan

    “Energy is spirit behind the physical domain”

  • charmerci .

    There’s also good bacteria. I wouldn’t want to breathe in the smoke (in addition to its heavy particulates) which would kill the good bacteria necessary for life.