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Tesla’s Legendary “Tower” Built and Tested in Russia

  • CC1980

    Place looks abandoned!

  • Thomas

    What do you mean “Working and Testing”? That place looks like it has not been used in 500,000 years ago! Ancient Tesla Ruins..ALIENS!!!! Wait that must mean…Tesla was an Alien!!!! OH Shit! It Makes perfect sense..I solved the Universe…BOOM! (Drops Mic)

  • Eve Cosmic
  • Rollo10

    It was said that JP Morgan, who was Tesla’s backer, pulled out when Tesla refused to allow it to be ‘metered’. Prescot Bush [Scherffe] Presidents Bushes father & grand father, was Tesla assistant and a member of the OSS, who became the first CIA member, this is how so much of his work ended up in USA. Tesla developed the ‘Microwave’ and using the ‘Magnatron’ created the ‘Death Ray’, which the US call today the Direct Energy Weapon! See here the principal; https://youtu.be/FE247x75ixw

  • zoidberg590

    That video has no relation to the article besides being in Russia! It’s not even the Wardenclyffe Tower.