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The Hollow Earth maps of the Third Reich: There is an entrance to the Hollow Earth

  • Theadora Mc Cormac

    As above so below, and there are fly over exclusions on both poles…

    • Joris Roy

      If we believe in the perception the whole world is balanced. Yin Yang, then there would’nt be a hole on the other side 🙂

  • Theadora Mc Cormac

    we think of the earth as this closed ball when in fact it has so many holes via volcanoes, blue holes and fathomless pits that it is more like swiss cheese in fact, and as the universe is https://www.facebook.com/Nassim.Haramein.official/?fref=ts# more like this why wouldnt the earth be similar.. after watching old apollo tapes and how they faked the earth photo’s why would we believe anything the US/NASA puts out…after all it was after WW2 and the use of atomic bombs, that we had Roswell and contact with aliens that they have kept secret, after that their space program accelerated, agenda 21 was formed, tech went leaps and bounds, CERN was started??? do we believe them or keep our minds open to any possibilities… there are no google maps allowed over either pole position, the depths and mysteries of this planet have only been mapped/visited about 70-80% that leaves alot to uncover…have you heard of the underwater cave entrance on the Nth American coast, how come so many past ‘stories’ support an under earth culture, even under American cities, the Hopi called them their snake friends…and most 95% of Media has been controlled by Jewish factions for over a 100 years now? they control and delete the information as they see fit just as they did in ‘biblical’ times… there’s ‘evidence’ of Pyramid shaped mountains on both the north and south poles.. and that they werent always in that polar position either, so they too could have extinct volcanoes that allowed entry and I dont think the earth is hollow as such but multi layered and referring to the Reptilians they would thrive in a warmer darker world… possibilities possibilities!! 🙂