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The Vimana, flying machines from ancient India

  • Srikanth

    This article is carrying half truth, there is no such thing called aliens / extra terrestrials, it is ancient Indians with their mind power (meditation) were able to unravel the secrets of universe and were able to travel to other worlds, parallel universes, they even counted distance between sun and earth, they invented numbers 0-9 (not arabs) and many many more….by saying extraterrestrials / aliens, you are discrediting the knowledge of our ancestors. All secrets are still available in the texts of Sanskrit and Dravidian scripts. There is nothing beyond mind power, your consciousness drives everything. you should be ready to accept great knowledge and it will come to you through properly channeling your mind…….as Tesla said, we are like a receiver….. It is Arabs and Europeans who invaded India, destroyed most of our ancient book…some are stolen from us and are still being researched by EU countries……Ultimately the world will end up at Sanatan Dharma….we will come back to the knowledge of ancient scripts…