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When Schools Teach Meditation, Something Amazing Happens

  • anon

    Not enough statistics to draw any conclusions yet, but would certainly like to see more studies!

    • Artemis Walden

      Actually, the benefits of mediation are vastly studied to the point of benefits having been proved beyond any amount of offered doubt or naysaying. Outside of the US, a number of governments have instituted mindfulness training for kids in schools as part of their curriculum because the studies done all unanimously show that there is really only benefits to be had from mass utilization of mediation and mindfulness training. Heck, even the UK Parliament has established an All-Party Group to learn and utilize mindfulness and meditation training while doing politics and running their part of the world, to great observable and documented success already.

      We in the USA are now more than a decade behind in even acknowledging the established and well proven existing research already accepted and now being used to transform the mindset and stress adaptability of a substantial chunk of the rest of the developed world… Just type meditation and mindfulness studies into Google, there will be endless data to back up what I’m stating.

  • Anne Matano

    meditation has little to do with “religion”, it is a physical and mental way to reduce stress and allow one to calm the mind and redirect your focus…if you want to pray while you are doing , go for it…but stop trying to bring your religion into every conversation, it isn’t always about God bashing, and the more you try to force your religion on others the harder it is going to be for people to accept your religious beliefs as anything other than a way to whine your self to death….