13 Reasons Why Men Wont Handle A Strong Independent Woman!

  • Michael Schaps

    replace all ‘she’s’ with ‘he’ and you’ll see why this article is complete crap. a teenager could have wrote this.

    “she doesn’t like being told what to do…” LOL! yeah, no one does, because it’s aggressive… but healthy women will have a balance; they’ll listen to what to do when they need to. i could pick this article clean. you want to get a real writer?!

    • Yung Hedo

      I was thinking the same thing ?

  • Michelle Gillian

    #7, inconsistency has caused me to leave several relationships. If you can’t be present when you’re with me, then I’d rather be alone.

  • gwallan

    The moment you demand to be viewed as “strong and independent” you prove yourself to be nothing of the kind. Those who genuinely meet the description don’t need reassurance. They simply get on with it.

  • Hollif50

    There’s gonna’ be millions of cat ladies in about 30-40 years..

  • Donny Being Mean

    Look, whoever wrote this piece, if you are just gonna keep on whining about how everybody else (in this case, men) only get to prosper because you allowed them to, even if you are just bluffing and trying to feel good, one day someone is gonna call your bluff.

    And I suspect that the result isn’t gonna be conducive to your desire of maintaining a comfortable life for yourself.

  • Misty Haowa

    Basically cancer sagittarius and leo genre women are like this.