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17 Reasons Why Older Men Go for Younger Women

  • MacKenzie

    Everything about this article is sickening!!!!
    First of all, to sit anonymously behind a computer and write about how “a young woman is every old white man’s fantasy”… reflects 0 respect on your part. And then I think about how even Hugh Hefner was a part of this article?? That man took a huge part in the creation of literal hollywood-patriarchal-cock suck. How cowardous! Talk about an unhealthy relationship?! But then I also wonder if I would even call something like this a relationship, since you obviously only see this connection and these women as one giant erection… Let me also say that any woman (coming from a woman’s perspective) that partakes in something like this is very insecure and is just in it for money or attention. And any man that partakes in something like this probably has some respect issues with women and most likely even some ‘mommy issues’. As unfortunate as it is. Let’s ask for help, before it has to come down to something like this.
    Now let me also counterbalance the negative aspects of a significant age difference in a relationship, with why a healthy relationship, though physical attributes may say otherwise… can work-
    I used to be extremely disgusted by any kind of relationship where there was, let’s say 5 or more years of an age difference in a relationship between two people! I just thought it was all bad and just immediately shut it down as some kind of disgusting dynamic at play. But, my father and his wife are 11 years apart. Though, this also doesn’t excuse the fact that, they don’t have the healthiest marriage, it’s gone downhill. Anyways, age shouldn’t really matter, provided that both parties are fully developed; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually: if the connection, love, and respect is there- then there shouldn’t be any reason as to why they shouldn’t be together. Love wins!!!!
    Lastly- think about if you had a daughter (or have a daughter), how would this article make you feel as a father, finding that a man saw her in this way?