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The Remains of a 200,000 Year Old Advanced Civilization Found in Africa

  • run13

    stones? equal to metropolis? nah..

  • Eduardo R. R.

    Theosophy has the answers for all these subjects. Search it, with true intent, and you’ll find the Truth.

    • Gillian Weathers

      ibid again big time. You think everything fits in one book. Worse you think the book makes sense in relationship to the different entries. I suggest you do not know much about the book itself but what other people who claimed to know have told you. I have never known a human to not assume they were right. Truth is more elusive than you think

    • Gavril Despotov

      What “truth” exactly ? Knowledge of a being that’s not even in our plane of existence, nor can we ever comprehend what It is or why is it ? Everyone is free to have bad taste of aesthetics , but to telling me that I can find the “truth” about God is just a bad case of low intelligence. Faith of God is a sign of lower class human. Eduardo, dude, get your head out of the middle ages and come to the present! Theosophy is an insult to human knowledge. Google “Hypatia” to see what atrocities “faith” is capable of.

  • James White

    Are you dumb? Anything that is 200,000 years old is buried quite a long way underground. These ruins are a few hundred years old at best. Stop making shit up.

    • David Bowman

      Ordinary “zimbabwe”s

    • Steve

      The best thing you can do just take your head out of your ass and don’t comment about subjects of which you have no knowledge

    • Gillian Weathers

      You might save yourself some ridicule by not assuming you know what you are talking about. Sometimes it is best if you just let things go. The amount of information it is possible not to know or to believe nonsense about is endless. Ground on the top erodes, ground from under the restless earth’s crust rises.

      • James Beekman

        Ah. So when did you get your Geology degree? Stratification, as we know it is actually reversed? Newer stratified layers are further down?

        While it is true that in *SOME* cases the upper levels of earth are the remnants of older, eroded layers deposited there from another location, that is the exception rather than the rule, and geologists can easily identify those cases.

        You might save yourself some ridicule by not assuming you know what your (sic) talking about.

    • Jonathan Woods

      James White actually brings up a very valid point so easily missed in the hype of wanting to be part of some mysterious knowledge not preeviously known to modern man, And Gillian Weathers unwittingly brings up another factor that actually suports James. , which I’m sure is not what she intended. Ground erodes, Earth’s crust moves and sedimentary layers are deposited. Now if this evidence was discovered as part of a deep mining operation then the timelines might be a little more logical.

      • http://www.facebook.com/LawSuth Lawrence Sutherland

        Your idea leaves out the possibility of a series of great cataclysms over the many thousands of years. This idea is well presented in Fingerprints of the Gods, by Graham Hancock.

        • Jonathan Woods

          Indeed those are also posibilities but in the case of this area of Southern Africa that would have been far more likely to cover the evidence rather than expose it !

    • Vj Roy Peebles

      I bet you didn’t fact check Trump ?

    • Robert Karp

      By that reasoning we’d have never found dinosaur bones. There may have been a time for the ruins to be buried but that doesn’t mean conditions won’t change to create an environment that erodes the material away again.

  • KillerAphrodite

    This article is utter nonsense. In the University of Pretoria, they study these stones in Archaeology 101. The stones are usually corrals, for cattle. Sometimes, they are there to create terraces for farming. It depends on the region and the people. What’s more, there are documented proof that Southern African regions had thriving kingdoms as well, during height of Egyptian rule. If you’re not familiar with Great Zimbabwe, please look it up. It’s AWESOME. The reason we don’t find a lot of proof of great Southern African kingdoms is because the people moved around a lot, because the area is arid and their food traveled. Lastly, aliens wouldn’t land in South Africa. Our laws will come into play, and technically they’ll belong to the government then … so … yeah.

    • Ina Marx

      You wish dear Killer. Academia Viewing of history, is often tied to the domain who took it up, to teach you. I majored in Archeology, Pretoria. Did veld work too, but did research into many fields. And no. The official narration is filed with shallow speculation. So no. This article is not rubbish.. Not at all. Tellinger worked in the veld/ in real contact so to speak. His ideas opens and connects hundreds of loose ends. Great Zim? oh dear. There projections had a field day. Blessings.

      • Gillian Weathers

        You have it on the nose. If you have the background from which to speak — you are the best source of information. Claptrap is free for the taking but arguing nonsense with more nonsense grates on the ears.

    • Gillian Weathers


    • Roosevelt Franklin

      Why are you so skeptical? We have heard similar stories in the past and they were usually swept under the rug by cynical people.

    • Fred L Anthony

      Why wouldn’t Aliens land in Africa??? And why would our current laws affect aliens 200,000 years ago??/Our government did not exist back then And BTW the Egyotian emire was not 200000 yearss ago it was maybe 25000 years ago

  • Carl

    Load of baloney. “Ivan,” a freelance writer is the author. If there were anything to this, it would have been all over the major news networks. Anyone who believes this has crap for brains.

    • Airie Sasha Juvan

      Major news networks? Another brainwashed believer in the system. Good luck in finding any truth in media. Speaking from 8 years experience as a TV journalist. 😉

  • Steve

    if we evolved from them then why hasn’t our DNA evolved …… I think you left out of chapter… These Aliens Took some of their DNA and spliced it into the rhesus monkey and created us as a workforce to perform their labor… Science confirms that human DNA has been spliced…. There’s 80% or 90% of our DNA that is claimed to be junk…. My concept is that is where we have our power… The part of the DNA that the aliens blocked when they spliced it it… They blocked it by enabling man’s thinking mind.. Because whenever he is thinking he is never in the moment…. He is either in the past we’re contemplating the future… Well for the need of getting ahead…. Which denies right now. we have complete control over our DNA by remaining in the now… That means no thinking….. No self-doubt….. Nothing but awareness…. And the confidence of being an expression of your creator self…. I just had to sneak that in there…. The part about our potential…. Practice awareness… And be in the moment…. Express your clairvoyance abilities, your telepathic capability and partake of your own intuition….. You already are…. So there is nothing to become…..just BE

    • Roosevelt Franklin

      Huh? Please seek help.

    • LexingtonMcg3e

      This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when you consume too much crack cocaine.

      • http://www.ivors.photos Ivor Wilson

        …and internet wooo. Lots of wooo.

    • Jonathan Woods

      Sadly Steve people with small minds and large dependancies will never understand what you just wrote . They will simply ignore it. If only they actually knew their potential !

    • Johnny Fleischman

      Don’t let the little brains get you down….they get to find out the truths of the Universe later….”Milleniums of tradition unhampered by progress”….

  • Mikey Harr

    Learn more about Enki and Enlil, the creation of mankind, lost cities, ancient aliens by joining this group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ICoLR

  • Ketil Leif Edvardsen

    There are some strange parallel lines that surround the area.

  • https://kellylarossa.wixsite.com/kellycustom KeLLyLaRossa

    aliens looking gold for a good aerosol? ok.

  • Sharon Rome McColgan

    It’s good to see the work of Sitchin recognized.

  • James Beekman

    At the first mention of “Aliens” and “Nibiru”, this article outted itself as horseshit.

    • Ra Santana

      a controlled population of self proclaimed intellectuals who get circle jerked by people of similar interest would agree with you. Aka contemporary science. please learn the definition of contemporary because that site doesent fit the definition. 10k years ago we sprouted and started killing neanderthals and what do people like you do ? push atheist ideals due to being ignorant of things outside of your parameters. You cant observe the creators of all that exist but you know they exist.

      #Facts #Fuckthesheepmasses

      • AlanFman

        How about people who follow #facts which all show that Nibiru is bullshit and late. On a scale of Truth to David Ike, this rates a 8.

      • CaptnJack

        And from whom/where did you learn about our 10k history? Someone writes the histories to tell the stories they want told. Others come later and edit those to tell the stories that they want told and the rest is forgotten or erased. You can almost always be sure that what you hear or read is someones interpretation and not fact. it sucks but there is tons of evidence in the past and present where history is altered and the next generations are taught new stories. Unless your a time traveller and can verify, there is no absolute history.

        • Janice Burdick

          Precisely what U.S. “History” is all about: Made up bullshit that “someone” wanted all the children to be taught in school. The TRUTH has been erased and ALL BUT forgotten….except for those of us who never “bought” the bullshit “education” that was shoved down our throats. And in fact this made up bullshit-history is a WORLD-WIDE PROBLEM. People are waking up…so more and more, we will see one another starting to get really pissed off. After all, NO one “enjoys” being LIED TO.

      • boblgumm

        You completely misunderstand how science works; contemporary or otherwise. The only “similar interest” scientists have is evidence. Speaking of which, a quick google search would have told you that contemporary science has hard evidence that homo sapiens left Africa not the 10,000 years ago you effluve, but 50,000-60,000 years ago, and Neanderthals we gone about 5,000 years later. Show me they are wrong. I dare you.

        • Amelia B

          Is there any evidence that Neanderthals became extinct due to migrants coming and eating them?

      • Johnny Fleischman

        Check out Buddy Huggins and prepare for blowin’ yo little mind….

      • 174thandvyse

        You don’t like “atheists”, huh?

    • Roger Johnson

      so you are closed minded and we are the only living thing in all the universes out there ya right

      • Vile

        Jumping to conclusions without proper evidence is close minded.

    • @bogustheone – on instagram

      There’s two type’s of UFO’s : MAN MADE and ET’s https://www.netflix.com/title/80171742

      • James Beekman

        No, actually there’s only ONE type of UFO. “UNIDENTIFIED”. Despite this author’s attempts to shoehorn ALIENS into the narrative, thus far, no sufficient evidence for extraterrestrials have been identified.

        Personally, I think it would be a trip to see something UP CLOSE and unidentifiable. And yes, a bright light in a dark sky moving erratically *IS* very curious. But it is still unidentified, and until alien life is shown….WIDELY shown to be fact, then we can only say such phenomena is unexplainable without further evidence.

        • Fred L Anthony

          please have then do a brain scan s they can show it to you so you can see something unidentifiable

          • James Beekman

            Brain scans cannot (yet) show that type of information. They can show the existence of brain matter, blood vessels, etc, and of brain activity. But not of specific images that an individual previously saw. You’ve been watching too many Sci-Fi movies.

          • Fred L Anthony

            exactly all a brain scan of you would show would be an empty unidentifiable emptiness where a brain mass should be

          • W. Hunter


        • @bogustheone – on instagram

          you’re just “in the dark” that’s all . you don’t know , what you don’t know. so, please watch the brand new film by Sirius DISCLOSURE here https://www.netflix.com/title/80171742 10/4

    • Vj Roy Peebles

      OMG another Trump supporter you are lol

      • James Beekman

        I am definitely NOT a Trump supporter. Quite the opposite, in fact. What would give you that impression?

        • Joe Turto

          I think people are confused on claims with evidence and claims with assumption.

        • W. Hunter

          Hello, Hillary.

      • W. Hunter

        MAGA !

    • Fred L Anthony

      Please provide proof that Nibiru and Aliens do not exist

      • James Beekman

        It is impossible to prove a negative. For example, Bertrand Russell wrote that if he were to assert, without offering proof, that a teapot orbits the Sun somewhere in space between the Earth and Mars, he could not expect anyone to believe him solely because his assertion could not be proven wrong.

        It’s up to YOU (or anyone claiming Nibiru or Aliens exist) to provide evidence FOR their existence, and not the other way around.

        • truth sayer

          Why? Cause you said so? He should prove they exist if he believes they do and you should either shut up and wait before you argue or prove the contrary if you decide to argue against. There are plenty of things proven by science not to have existed. Google.

          • James Beekman

            You fail. You’re not making sense. It is impossible to disprove a negative. See above example. And can you provide an example of one of the “plenty of things proven by science not to have existed”?

            Disclaimer: I am a science geek. But there’s a part of me that would like for Bigfoot to be proven to exist. I’m not saying Bigfoot *DOES* exist, but I like watching videos and such making that assumption.

          • Janice Burdick

            I totally “get” what you’re saying.

        • Janice Burdick


        • K2theC Music

          Read zachariah sitchens work on the translation of Sumerian texts and enlighten yourself brother. That should give you all the proof you desire. The author of this article even references his work halfway through.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LawSuth Lawrence Sutherland

    A book called Fingerprints of the Gods (Hancock) shows that a series of regular cataclysms on the Earth would have created a difference landscape than would a normal, undisturbed progression of geologic time. Under that idea, our customary considerations could change.

  • Douglas Meyer

    So, if all this is true, what happened to them ?

  • Michael Black

    Started to read this and swore I could hear the minds slamming shut. First the “BIBLE is the ONLY Truth” crowd who accept nothing but “THE WORD” to Darwin’s crew who thinks everything came from pond scum with no help from any one or any thing. Last of all those who believe everything including humans are just a lucky roll of the galactic dice. As for me “I’ll wait and see…and keep quoting Hamlet.

    • JPablo

      Oh my god dude, you’re so deep! Such an intellectual! Stick a little gold star to your forehead you good boy! lol

  • frabn

    Queen Sindel ruled an African civilization 200,000 years ago? I thought she only ruled Edenia.

  • Spike Morden

    The Preservers were active in the galaxy at this time, and had made a duplicate Earth that the Enterprise encountered in the episode “Miri”, They had been transplanting humanoids to different planets and left many artifacts. This was before the emergence of the Borg in the Delta quadrant, and long before the Greek gods visited earth. There are a lot of possibilities of what happened before that time.

  • betsy

    Fucking get a page that doesnt have a aet of blond tits and lame ass marketing schemes all over it. That alone makes your website look like TRASH.

  • robaku

    If they are technologically advanced aliens… Why are they building crude stone structures?

  • blue75

    ET, phone home please!!!

  • Noba Moh

    so why do u think u r the only one who is reporting this? dont u feel weird being the only one who reports this and not give proof? or u r just doing this to get money from ur website?

  • boblgumm

    Did they leave any advanced stuff besides circles? Flying cars? Iphones? Sex toys? $2 off coupons? No? Who cares? I’m sold.

  • https://www.behance.net/chronosproductions Dante D’Anthony
  • Tony Rizos

    I first read of The works of Tellinger about 3 years ago and it was difficult to understand how he connected all his findings to South Africa.
    I was definitly sceptical and questioned it all as it was contradictory to even the Mesopotamian theory of the Semir being the craddle of civilisation.
    However, Tellinger is the only man EVER to investigate his theory with deployment of hard evidence to support his findings. He is the only resesrcher that provides evidence along with reson before making his claim.
    The mention of Aliens does conjure up sci fi fantasy as that is what we have been taught all our lives and has become a natural brick wall to stop us thinking that it could be true.
    Sitchin changed that with his discoveries of factual written evidence with the deciphering of the Sumerian Textsm on the Sumerian Tablets.
    This discovery is based on scientific evidence that shows the timing ofmthis creation and there is no arguing as to its authenticity of age.
    Given the facts as discovered by Tellinger, why are we not asking why has main stream archeology looked into this mind blowing discover more intensly?
    There kis no question in my mind any more that Michael Tellinger is onto something extrordinary and that our ancestory is nothing like what we have been taught.
    Even the Sphinx in Gaza has water ruins on its base that is unquestionably thousands of years older than what has been indicated.
    Those that do not take heed of this enlightening evidence are those that deny themselves the truth of their existance.
    Thost that refuse to accept these undeniable facts on our creatioin as humanity are those that enjoy the existance of living in a distorted,
    controlled lie with ignorance being their God.

  • Jandre Kroeze

    With the Bantu track record of desemating, destroying and ruining, its rather surprizing you can find anything there at all. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/170a753553446f79ad597d484f1ad7f9afed16688967ab2abad9cb003dc3d37b.jpg

  • W. Hunter

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  • Nathan Plukaard

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    (Not that i could imagine anyone wanting it)
    Good job protecting your ever so valuable trash.
    Ps. Your genius web designeever heard of google.
    Seriously guys.

  • http://Kovotography.co.uk Allan McMillan

    Can you please explain exactly how the researchers dated this archaeological find to 150/200 thousand years ago, and just how accurate would their dating system be?