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How to Naturally Release DMT from the Pineal Gland

  • supermagneticman

    fasting and dark room meditation, also Swet Lodge North American Native spiritual ceremony

  • Galin Petrov

    Good morning with a good aticle 🙂 I normally use sound frequencies that represent pineal activation or DMT release. Even we have some of them that are especially for decalcifying the pineal. A powerful punch is to drink some ayahuasca 🙂
    Here you can find DMT release:
    And here you can decalcify your pineal:
    Use stereo headphones for better effects. Njoy 🙂

  • Tanumay Saha

    Great day to everyone… While reading across this article I must say that it is possible to release DMT naturally… There are few steps to be followed in according to release the cosmic enzyme from the pineal gland… I want to tell my friends one of the easy process to do and release DMT naturally…. One must know it won’t happen in a first day or first try itself… U have to continue doing it regularly… As said practice makes a man perfect… So our first step is to relax our body and lay down comfortably… Close the eyes , take slow and deep breath… Concentrate in ur breathing.. Try controlling your thoughts make it let go…. Concentarte on breathing …. Just concentrate ….at one point of time u will realise that your body is likely to feel very light as if u are about to fly… Try laying down as much as possible don’t open the eyes whatsoever happens… Go deep concentrate more on breathing… This will naturally release DMT from the gland but u can experience the trip if you do it properly … Take yourr time and practice as it is the easy process but one should be able to control his thoughts…. U might see persons , colors, back dated dreams .. But feel them… N let go… Noises might disturb you around… Try to avoid those noises… U cn only avoid such obstacles if u concentrate at your breathing…n nothing else.. Try to visualize the eternity light between your eyes…make it come n submerge in you… You will feel the outmost of the universe and the happiness of life we live within…..
    So friends taking not much time practice n make your life fill with happiness n joy…

    P.S concentrate in you breathing n breathe deep and slow….

    Happy tripping folks !!!

  • Judy Stolz

    Does anyone know why 1 in 500 people have no response to DMT?

    • Shredbo

      they are psychopaths?

  • Mark Koutsouradis

    I recomend listening to this to learn how to release dmt. I have had very natural and interesting experiences with this approach. You only goes as deep into it as you allow yourself to go. Hope you appreciate it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BJpkF50Xevk

  • Boxofblades

    This is BS you clowns, meditating with minerals? I mean, how gullible are you fools? Natural DMT release IS possible, but whoever wrote this has no idea what they’re writing about. It’s pandering to the weak alt-med only crowd, and it’s clouding the facts.

    • Luis Almeira

      Boxofblades, you are a very cynical person who has let their arrogance transform into ignorance. I have placed lapis lazuli and tied it on my forehead. Went to sleep, had fantastic astral travel events, a precognitive dream and had zero migraines the next day. This, after 18 years of struggling with DAILY migraines. I also experienced the ecstatic feelings that can only come from DMT release with lapis. You might want to open your mind up and not be so hard-headed and narrow-minded. You may miss out on life.

  • Irina Litchfield