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Humans with blood type Rh Negative belong to an Extraterrestrial lineage according to new theory

  • Donna Mullins

    This is my thoughts from a RH negative blood type…B L O G N A…and this too…LMBO

    • Donna Mullins

      Misspelled BOLOGNA

  • Amy Crandall

    Um, they didn’t even correctly explain how blood types work. Like, not even close… Forget the rest of this rediculous post.

    • Ionut Petrehus

      please do extend.. what did you want to see in this article? A detailed anatomy report on blood types? They said correctly the RH positive and RH negative part, related to pregnancies. Or you wanted details related to blood transfusions? Because this article is not about that. It is about a theory about why there are people with RH negative. Here.. let me break it down for you and for anyone else that it is interested:
      There are 2 blood type systems: OAB and RH. OAB everyone knows how this work.. blood type O (zero) or I, A or II, B or III and AB or IV. You can also find the following naming for them OI, AII, BIII and ABIV. I will not enter in details related to transfusions because it has no relevance for this article.
      RH system has two types, RH positive and RH negative. The difference between these two is the presence or absence of D antigen. The presence of the D antigen on the surface of RBC means that the RH is positive and the absence of D antigen on the surface of RBC means that the RH is negative.

      Are you happy now?

      • Robin Rhea

        No, doesn’t answer. Tell me, for example, Type A-Negative blood – is it all negative blood that is RH negative? With whatever blood type you have, how do you know if it’s RH negative? All the negatives are RH negative?

  • Jyn Elmore

    I think it’s actually cool other articles claim rh factor are related to monkeys or apes which only feed Darwin theory.. which is correct and wrong

  • Kari Doeckel

    If you are going to use the Bible as support for your theory, make sure you quote it correctly! Genesis 6:4 does not say God came into daughters of men, it says “…sons of God…”!

  • Scott

    What Scientists?

  • Frank Hey

    lost me when the bible was quoted to support your facts

  • wg

    What a bunch of bullshit for goodness sake!

    • snipecor2000 .

      Please do share why it is bullshit? specially if your on a living rock or planet that is floating in the mitts of the universe.. you are made of star dust. so can you elaborate? please before you do learn what the superior mayor is speaking about >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjfP7EwGWD0

      • snipecor2000 .

        A reptilian side of our brain??? hmm

      • wg

        To find out why this is bullshit should be your most relevant lifetime homework! LOL

  • Michal Rosa

    “Scientists believe” and ends with Bible quotations. You are very special kind of stupid.