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Mother Finds Alien-Like Entities Communicating With Her Daughter [Video]

  • Nic M

    I can see the possibility of guardian spirits…But how does this get into ufo’s? Ewao is pretty weird in how stories are interpreted.

  • The Tank Engine

    WTF is she doing just standing there filming it? Call me old fashioned but I would be in there like a shot to make sure my child was OK.

    • ackeegrl

      lol…..you clearly do not know what a video monitor is…….

  • Bonnie Anne Salvador

    Well, after seeing the video, I came to realize that I am not crazy after all. When my daughter was around 8 months old, I woke up suddlenty after hearing her cry : I ran to her bedroom to see what was happening to her. She was standing up in her crib and crying so loud that I thought somebody was hurting her. Trying to calm her down, I looked outside the window and thats when I saw this UFO, doing criss-cross movements right outside the patio: I feel my hair stand-up and shivering all thru my body. I felt the object getting closer and closer to me and I panicked, got hold of my daughter and ran to my bedroom with her still crying. I tried to wake up my husband, trying so hard to let him know what was happening outside but, on those days, if you would talk about UFO’s you were “crazy”. This happenned in 1971 in Puerto Rico.