History & Exopolitics

Archaeologists Unearth 9,000-Year-Old Shaman Sanctuary in Europe

  • Bill Nichols

    The mesolithic period was after the last ice age. before the ice age Eurasia had experienced some 20,000yrs of unbroken sapien cultural evolution. when the ice age hit these populations found refuge in areas around the Black Sea. A big (“turf”) war eventuated a transition from hunter gatherer into a civilized society which incorporated the knowledge of the tribes. extending another 10,000 yrs the civilization ended when a “Great Flood”precipitated by the glacial lake which formed in the Danube basin breaking through the ice dam at the Iron Gate & triggering a tectonic reaction causing global tsunamis. the remnant population maintained some of the knowledge but experienced a regression. still far more evolved this population moved back into the area reopened by the retreating ice.

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