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These 20 Photographs Will Leave You Speechless. Especially The 6th One. There Are No Words.

  • Dr What

    Fantastic and some truly Heartwrenching pictures. I think they should be separated in to two distinct groups though.

  • Ila Tiwari Dubey

    This world becomes an ocean of sorrow, only because of few people who reckon they’re immortal. These images are enough to make you feel so helpless yet so blessed at the other hand. Thank you for the reminder…

  • The Idioms

    Oh God, someone truly said that every picture is worth a thousand words. I am really speechless after viewing these images. “The Last Jew” image squeezed my heart. God bless Humanity

    Cassie, UK

  • ??n??8 ©

    no words..

  • Nostromo

    Picture “Armenian genocide in 1915” FAKE !

    • Mal Reed

      In what way?

  • Madeleine Pownall

    Seeing the nazi rally frightened me,after the rally in Poland this week, you would think that Poland would have had enough of nazi’s after the way they suffered in WW11. I was born just as the war ended in England I remember the bombed out buildings and the bullet holes in the streets, I remember the men without limbs and burnt faces. I wander where the world is going. I believe in love.

    • dobs89

      And I’m a pessimist, because i see how easy people get manipulated by mass media/ governments. Nazi rally in Poland? I’m polish/ living in Poland, this rally was meant to manifest pride of our country and that we do not agree with EU fascists that are giving Poland bad name just because we do not agree with everything eurocrats want to impose on weaker countries. But go ahead and take everything media serves you without critic. Sad.

  • Grundig12

    I am constantly amazed that in this country we don’t have required school classes on WWI and WWII. Events so epic in scale, with such a huge impact on society, should be required learning. Luckily I was always a history buff and continued to educate myself of the horrors of those wars but while in school, my only education on them consisted of a few chapters reading and a few homework assignments. Shameful.

  • woodrackets