History & Exopolitics

Confirmed by the CIA: There is Extraterrestrial Activity on Earth

  • Reg Espina

    I Believe in Extraterrestrial Things & Activity that happens here in earth.
    Aliens is apart of our Ancient History, they’re all exist with a different faces and attitude.
    and about the other world like: Time travel, existence in past and future is actually real.
    they’re all happens here. and most of the people who encounter that is secretly hidden it.

    i have a nephew who encounter a lighting door. he was just 2-3 year old that time.
    he saw the door under the sofa. its was scary. but its great because he didnt enter the Door. lol!
    and about the flying ship, i saw one in San Fernando, Pampanga. Philippines.
    its was 11;30 when my mom called because the gate is locked. so i waited them. i stand inside of our gate. and i look up and saw a circle object with alot’s of lights around. im amazed that time! because At last i saw a real one. hehehe! uhm, actually today, im wondering why Goverment still hiding it.
    and why Marilyn Monroe is being killed by a CIA. because she knows alot and shes a threat for Goverment and kennedy’s business. because shes about to speak in her next interview. (THE REVEALING) hehehe! AREA 51 or AKA DREAM LAND is a Secret goverment, thats control this kind of Extraterrestrial. and order to shoot and killed who trespass their private property. hehe! if im right its located that in florida? china, russia india also have that secret goverment. thats protect both human and unhuman.

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