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Edward Snowden Reveals Intricate Details about Earth’s Innermost Inhabitants

  • peerlessgt

    pity about the spelling, always casts doubt on the credibility of articles for me.
    but the message is clear . the downfall of the human race is gonna be the few madmen at the ‘top’ and the asslicking followers beneath them . why not start off a possible intergalactic war on behalf of 7 billion people/ that’ll work…

  • Gunnar Angeltveit

    When and where was the interview you are refering to?

  • Anthony Zappia

    What a poorly written post. No references, citations, etc. and yes bad spelling. Definitely not sharing this one around.

  • fjciv2

    LetS be friends with them.

  • AC

    As someone who is extremely fascinated by this subject, I find this article to be counterproductive in achieving any credence for this in the eyes of the general population.
    If you’re going to claim Snowden said this – then you should in the least be able to link as to the source.

  • Karl Kaiser

    Best source for whistleblowing about the Secret Space Program and all the ET contacts inside the government is Corey Goode. He has literally days and days of detailed videos and talks. His main site is SphereBeingAlliance.com

  • Nora Verruca

    This is not a real article. Probably written and published by the same people who want us to believe the mainstream journalists are “fake,” and most likely a Putin project, since Edward can hardly protest Putin’s work, being lodged there.

  • Innominátus

    Další ikdyž ne nový úhel pohledu.

    Jsme na půdě vědecké fikce anebo NASA silně mlží?

    Pro koho Edwar Snowden pracuje?

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