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A Russian Scientists Injected Himself With A 3.5 Million Year-Old ‘Bacteria’ Found in Siberia and The Results are Staggering

  • Randje K Randje

    Good lord. Now Big Pharma will surely file a patent to sunthesize it

    • Krystal Richards

      Lol or hide it in Smithsonian vault. The researchers better hide the rats befor the government takes over. Sorry ….. I just love conspiracy theories?

  • Krystal Richards

    Wonderful. They made rats live longer and improved thier reproduction abilities… Lol

  • Krystal Richards

    I belive to slow down the aging process in humans would hafe to start in the development process. Once you got all the parts you need your born and start to age. a umbilical cord now has life saving properties if its saved and stored i guess. Like renewing cell growth or somthing. Why cant someone just crack down and figure out how wr can get humans to use more parts of our brain. Way more cooler the being old and having babies at 90. Like we only use a small amont of our brain we dont even see the whole picture i bet

    • Catherine

      what are you waiting for?