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Here’s What The World Will Look Like Once All The Ice Melted. Terrifying!

  • Madeleine Pownall

    I am worried that it might be too late,already some islands have disappeared,but even if we stop the ice melting, we need solutions to clean the world of plastics,which is killing off our wild life,on land and in the ocean.We need to stop cutting trees for paper, there are other more sustainable plants we can use for that.We need to stop triple packaging everything,with paper and plastic,this is one of the biggest problems. Now that the great barrier reef is dead because of the rise in temperature,perhaps some of the deniers will be convinced. Our earth is rapidly dying, I am 72 years old and I can see the changes, most of all we need to stop drilling for oil,we don’t need to do this any longer,oil has done more to pollute this world than anything else,I could go on forever about this,I have my first great grandchild on the way,I want all children to have a life. I believe in love.

  • Duane Licudi

    One of the most effective things an individual can do to lower their carbon footprint is to avoid all animal products.

    • Maggie Macaskill

      Eat local. Being a vegetarian is really bad the way most vegetarians eat

      • Jasmin Julisu

        Unfortunately you are right about the vegetarian part. And you are also right about eating local food. One should avoid industrialy processed food since it is mostly based on low quality food that is spiced up with chemicals to look good, taste good, and smell good. You`re ending up eating tons of chemicals thru your life-cyckle that your body do better without.

        So the moral is; support your local farm-boy, redneck and hillbilly that produce more healthy food than industrialized agriculture and industrialized food processing.

  • D.l. Hannah

    this is a lie…i am at 400 feet elevation and this shows me underwater….I do think this a very leftist lying POS site. you are now dead to me.

  • David Crevier

    Seriously…earth is realy in danger…PLEASE do not produce shitty chronicle with fake map
    (real of the cretaceous period in fact)… This make the poeple living at 2000 feet high think that ecologist are liar…

  • Robert Poirier

    Put ice cubes in a glass of water, and watch the level as the ice melts. Ice takes up more volume than water. Am I missing something here? .Maybe I’m thinking in terms of icebergs, and the poles are actually larger continents than I presumed? I don’t get it.

    • Daniel Brady

      The analogy with ice cubes in a cup of water is partly inaccurate. There is sea ice such as the arctic, which, if it melts will, be analogous to the ice cubes in the cup. However much more ice is land bound, such as that on Greenland and Antarctica. To use the comparison put an ice cube on a tray so that the melt goes into the glass and the water level in the glass will go up.