If You Experience Any Of These 30 Signs You Were Born To Be A Spiritual Healer…

  • Mindapa Kimu Angelyna


  • Robin Lennae Laurila-Borawski

    yes, I relate to many of these

  • Konrad Potgieter

    i can relate to practically all of the above…so now what though?

  • Free Spirit

    all of them

  • Martin Rzeznik

    I was hoping for more on what now when I looked at this article but for others looking for what now. I started taking a Reiki 1 class and it has helped tremendously with learning how to protect myself from draining people I was so exhausted easily after being in certain places also it really helping me to develope / fine tune my flow of energy. Still not sure where going from here but really helping me out in a big way.

  • David_Troughton

    The list sure covers the field. Obviously each of us should work for healing where we are!

  • Emily WindsorCragg

    Yeah, I know. Empaths are people who ought to be elected to Congress; but NO, corporations prefer people they can bribe and direct. Empaths are people who ought to be educated as physicians. But NO, physicians now are pill-pushing red-tape bureaucrats. Empaths are people who ought to be educated as peace-keepers, social workers and attorneys. But NO, Law is just another PROFITING OPPORTUNITY. To hell with its effects on vulnerable people.

  • Heru Tehuti Re

    (25 out of 30)
    I’ve known this for a good while now, but have not acted on it…
    Now, I’m going to do this (finally)!
    Thanks for posting this!

  • Nicholas Farrugia

    Hey …… can I renounce my spiritual call and get rid of all these? (because I have them all)