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NASA got tired of Conspiracy theories and released over 14,000 images from the Apollo missions

  • Oz

    still waiting for the landing crater images

  • Alex Caso

    where are the ufos….???

  • lelu Sunshine

    Check out the reflection on the 8th pic down…hmm. lol

    • Ailinca Cristian

      You did’nt know that the sun is Flat like a neon bulb ?
      Man where are you from ?! :)))

      • Warren Unsworth

        Where you looking? In his helmet?

    • Ottmar Straub

      Which one – I am curious – most funny to see is the blowing wind on the moon

  • EofA

    Pictures this clear back in 1961 and jack wagon alien freaks take blurry video/photos with far superior cameras in their cell phones today. Great job everybody!

  • Jon Rand

    On the 8th pic why does the FLAG have a pole holding the FLAG to be straight ツ

    • Anthony Fitzgerald

      Good question! Because there is no atmosphere on the moon a flag will not fly in the breeze like it does on earth. It will simply hang. So the horizontal rod is to hold it out so that it can be clearly seen. When the astronaut put it in place there was, of course, some movement of the flag as a result of putting it there. Once again owing to the lack of atmosphere and much lower gravity, the flag continued to move for quite some time afterwards, which is easily explained by the physics law about every action having an equal and opposite reaction. In an environment of no atmosphere and minimal gravity the action and reaction is prolonged a good deal longer than on earth.
      Many conspiracy theorists use this incident however to say that there is ‘wind’ on the moon and therefore it proves it is faked. Unfortunately for them, all it proves is their ignorance.

  • Cory Earle

    Why can we see millions of stars from our own blue dot but only a handful from space. I still smell bullshit.

    • Oğulcan Doğanay

      that’s all about photography. in order to capture close and bright objects, you had to eliminate far bright objects.

  • Jerry G.

    This type of technology by an standard is amazing. The average person has no idea of the extent of complication to be able to land on another celestial body, explore, and return back to Earth.

  • AlexGalchenyuk

    Eddie Bravo disapproved !

  • https://soundcloud.com/francismaxino FM

    For a while I almost bought into the Fake Moon Landing conspiracy because the various things put forward as evidence seemed convincing, then I watched most of the Apollo missions on youtube and also wondered how it is that the laser reflector that measures the moon’s distance set up by the astronauts by hand and the various people who with ‘ham radio’ equipment were able to point their receivers and pick up the transmissions from the missions…it is pretty clear to me that the lunar missions were very, very real and the arseholes who confronted the astronauts who bravely went there calling them liars and whatnot deserved a punch in the face.

    • Ottmar Straub

      amazing how you reveal your attitude FM – it makes you much less trustworthy

  • Ottmar Straub

    sorry to say that the landings are staged –

    with some intelligence it is clear that it hasn’t been possible technically in the 60’s – possibly now – I do not know – funny to see how the wind is blowing on moon – as soon as we understand how the huge deception works we expose ourselves too, we will be able to understand so much more about “reality”.

    • Anthony Fitzgerald

      Really…?! Even today you’re going with that ‘wind’ argument even though it has been clearly and easily explained over and over…??? Sheesh.
      Of all the arguments the non-believers bring up, this is the one you chose to mention here. It doesn’t prove anything except your ignorance.

  • Donnie Smith

    same blacked out sky as every other picture they show…give me a break NASA..

  • http://www.facebook.com/Canadeal AJ Bateman

    Lol. 14000 images he how many of the earth from the moon? Why does the LEM look like a piece of shit? Wheres the landing crater? Why no dust on the footpads? Bah

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