People With Real Integrity Have These 10 Subtle Character Traits

  • Bill McIIntosh

    I think I fail on all of them. Oh well

  • Stéphane Blouin

    Quote ”They can Disagree without Arguing

    Arguing and disagreeing are two completely different things. When we argue it causes conflict and negative feelings. A person with integrity never puts others down for the way they feel or what they believe. They just express their points and call it a day. We don’t have to agree on everything, but are all entitled to our own feelings. ” unquote.

    – That is the only point I would disagree with,

    and it is Because I have integrity that I will argue my point of view. What you might mean is arguing endlessly. But arguing, to give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory, typically with the aim of persuading others to share one’s view, might cause negative emotions But is a necessary ”evil”.

    For most people argumentation has no formal standards, and so people are convinced on the basis of their emotions not on the basis of the truth value of propositions which causes them to merely express diverging or opposite views, typically in a heated or angry way.This is why most argumentations lead nowhere, because people do not have the capacity to evaluate said arguments. To evaluate arguments one must have some solid knowledge of formal logic, broad knowledge of the topic discussed and a great deal of intuition.