Put Your Palms Together, and Pay Attention to This Little Detail

  • Dianne Katavich

    Why do you make all your articles impossible to open even after logging in ?

    • Laura Stark Wilson

      so aggravating

  • G̷w̷y̷n̷d̷a̷l̷y̷n̷

    utter BS, my hands state #2 but my mind states #1

    • Raul

      How could you make such a preposterous statement? Palmistry is an ancient practice. Dating back to roots of Hindu astrology and Gypsy fortune tellers several thousand years ago, it is now known and practiced worldwide.

      • Shannon Marcum

        mine state 2 also but i am 3

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          Mine state 2 but I am a 3.

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          Mine states 2 also but 3 is mixed in tho.

      • http://sweattshop-graphic-artist.blogspot.com/ Dennis Sweatt

        Slavery dates back to almost the beginning of mankind. Should we believe in such practices because they are ancient?
        That kind of thinking is desperate and sophomoric.

        • Stephen Philip Glaser

          So does efforts to free slaves, so maybe, yes,

          • http://sweattshop-graphic-artist.blogspot.com/ Dennis Sweatt

            The effort to free the slaves is based on the fluidity of morality. We evolved. It is past time to evolve out of this ancient mythos based on zero evidential data.

          • T.Hunter

            Dermatoglyphics? I wouldn’t call that “zero evidential data”.

        • T.Hunter

          How are those concepts even related? Your argument is utterly silly and ridiculous, if you had ever taken a logic class (obviously not) you would clearly laugh at your fallacy of using a ‘faulty comparison’. One is an institution or system of property created by society and upheld by the government (slavery), and one is a tradition practiced for thousands of years partially backed up by science. While the divination part of palmistry is questionable other parts of it is based on science and reading people based on physical characteristics, especially characteristics that a person has developed through certain repetitive actions.

          That’s like saying why should we believe in psychology since there used to be feudal systems and those didn’t really work out. Haha, so silly.

        • T.Hunter

          How are those concepts even related? Your argument is utterly silly and ridiculous, if you had ever taken a logic class (obviously not) you would clearly laugh at your fallacy of using a ‘faulty comparison’. One is an institution or system of property created by society and upheld by the government (slavery), and one is a tradition practiced for thousands of years partially backed up by science. While the divination part of palmistry is questionable other parts of it is based on science and reading people based on physical characteristics, especially characteristics that a person has developed through certain repetitive actions.

          That’s like saying why should we believe in psychology or religion since there used to be feudal systems and those didn’t really work out. Haha, so silly. Are there valid arguments against it, probably. That isn’t one of them. Your faulty comparison was pretty desperate and sophomoric.

          • Gina2112


          • http://sweattshop-graphic-artist.blogspot.com/ Dennis Sweatt

            First – I notice you spend a lot of effort laying out your ideology using adjectives in the pajorative. Perhaps, if you wish to expound the glory of ancient practices of healing you would do well to spend less time knocking people down and trying lifting them higher.
            Second – My comparison was based on the reply from Raul; ” Palmistry is an ancient practice” Ancestory does not make things greater with the passage of time. Palmestry is as “silly and ridiculous” as it was in ancient times when people thought an eclipse was a sign from the gods.
            Since you missed it in your last read I will explain it in another way: The antiquity of a pratice does not preclude the meret of its authenticity or practicality of its application in the ‘real’ world.
            Please post support of your claim that palmistry is “partially backed up by science.”

          • T.Hunter

            I am not trying to be rude, as I am lenient about grammar and spelling online, but your response if rife with misspellings and I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. Most of your response was word salad. However, I believe I understand what you are attempting to get across after some intensive guesswork.

            My guess as to what you mean: I believe you meant the word pejorative (which means expressing disapproval)? So I used adjectives and expressed disapproval when talking about my experience and knowledge on Palmistry. If I want to express that palmistry is fantastic, then I would do better attempting to elevate people instead of “knocking them down”.

            My response: It isn’t “knocking down”, it was pointing out a faulty comparison which is a technical term. It wasn’t personal, anything rude or offensive was your own words, did you not use the words desperate and sophomoric? It is inaccurate to indicate someone is “knocking down” a person by addressing a fault in their argument, that’s a normal part of discourse. Slavery has nothing to do with whether you should believe in Palmistry. Education elevates someone, not ignorance. So addressing your fallacies isn’t “knocking down”, it is lifting you higher.

            Second- Then you should have said that, and my response would have been tailored to that. I addressed what you wrote. Which was an inaccurate/faulty comparison. It was apples and oranges. Just as you said its age does not mean that you should believe in it, however it also does not mean that is silly and ridiculous. It goes both ways.

            Have you never heard of Dermatoglyphics? It is the scientific study of fingerprints, mounts, lines, and shapes of hands. It is an important part of forensic science, (and other things) and is the science behind Palmistry.

          • http://sweattshop-graphic-artist.blogspot.com/ Dennis Sweatt


          • Andrew A Nyberg

            I understood it perfectly. I went back and checked, no spelling errors. He merely used large words you didn’t understand and thus, proving his point entirely.

          • T.Hunter

            Problems with his writing:
            -adjectives in the pajorative
            – expound the glory of ancient practices of healing
            -Ancestory does not make things greater with the passage of time
            -antiquity of a pratice does not portend the meret of its authenticity

            No spelling errors? Haha, how amusing. How did you miss so many? Embarrassing. The sections that I copied and pasted above has at least five spelling errors. However, It wasn’t simply his numerous spelling errors, it was also his verbose counter argument saturated with word salad that confused me. It confused me only because I didn’t understand why he couldn’t defend his statements that slavery could be used to justify and counter the validity of Palmistry. That is what his response should have addressed since that is what I questioned him about. However, instead he went on incoherent tangents about me “knocking people down”.

            Even if he had used large words that I didn’t understand (he didn’t) that would not prove his point. His stance is just because something is old does make it true. Which has nothing to do with my comprehension, or his diction. If his argument was “you have poor comprehension”, I didn’t understand what he wrote, and if what he wrote had actually been eloquently expressed then it would have proved his point. However, he used no words that anyone with an adult reading level would struggle to understand. I agreed with him, age does not indicate it’s validity. I merely pointed out that just because slavery was a practice that was wrong does not mean that palmistry which is completely unrelated, is also wrong. It is a not a comparison one can use to prove the other.

            Now since you insulted my intellect, let me return the favor:
            Problems with his writing:
            1. “adjectives in the pajorative”
            -Pajorative should have been pejorative
            -I notice you spend a lot of effort laying out your ideology using adjectives in the pejorative.
            -Explain to me how his sentence makes any sense considering that it essentially means:
            I noticed you spent a lot of effort in explaining your stance by using adjectives in the expressing contempt or disapproval.
            -Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

            2. “Perhaps, if you wish to expound the glory of ancient practices of healing you would do well to spend less time knocking people down and try lifting them higher.”
            – I don’t know what he means since Palmistry isn’t an ancient practice of healing, I am not trying to promote Palmistry just point out his faulty comparison between slavery and Palmistry, and I didn’t knock anyone down.

            3. “Ancestory does not make things greater with the passage of time”
            -Ancestory should have been Ancestry
            -greater should have been a word that meant validity.

            4. “Palmestry”
            -Palmestry should have been Palmistry.

            5. “antiquity of a pratice does not portend the meret of its authenticity”
            -Practice and merit

            Do you see them now? How awkward for you Andrew.

          • Andrew A Nyberg

            Psychology and religion are not even in the same playing field. Religion absolutely should be left in the dust of the past. It’s a barbaric way to attempt to explain away the natural world without the use of critical thinking. A lot like palm reading. lol

          • T.Hunter

            That’s exactly what I was saying Andrew, thank you for proving my point. The subjects are not related, and can not be used to prove the validity of one or the other. They each have their own reasons for fostering skepticism. Slavery has zero to do with Palmistry. Thanks for supporting my statements.

        • Brian Miller

          Thats what I was thinking.

      • Sonny Rice

        You do realize it is strickly for entertainment

      • G̷w̷y̷n̷d̷a̷l̷y̷n̷

        I am refering to THIS particular Article… No need to School me on the dynamics of Palmestry…. I have been an avid studier/practitioner for many years…

      • Gisane111

        Reading palms is very informative and very detailed. A general reading, such as the one above, can be done by anyone and can be the same for loads of people (I don’t like that idea as it is not fair to the one who is requesting the reading). But a true reading of the palm can take between one to two hours. Each line is a road and all of them connect to each other (though they might not connect on your palms). I also like to add either a numerology, runes or tarot reading just to make sure that the information is as clear as possible. (P.S., neither of the three above match my lines!)

      • Andrew A Nyberg

        Doesn’t make it any less bullshit.

        Cold reading is centuries old as well, it’s just as much of a scam.

    • Andrew A Nyberg

      Because it’s made up nonsense. They had a 33.3% of getting it right.

  • Phillip Brandt

    2 all the way up /down.

  • Penny8

    Mine is right on the money. Exactly how I am ??

    • Tilly Mullis

      Mine too..

      • gretchen

        me three..lol

    • spiders

      Mine isn’t.

      • ldyhawk549

        Neither is mine.

    • Mandie Buenrostro

      mine 4

    • Kayt Vigil

      Mine too.

    • Andrew A Nyberg

      Notice how, when you read things like this or your horoscope, when it is wrong you just brush it off. When it is right then “OMG it’s like magic or something! It got it so right!”

      lol vague explanations of anything can be correct most of the time when you are looking for it to be right. That is called confirmation bias.

  • Andrew A Nyberg

    Hey look, another set of random traits that could fit literally anyone. All of these describe in their own little way. Just like the zodiac, they are vague and whatever you read will most likely fit you.

    • Jeff Swearengin

      Andrew! Destroyyyyyer of dreams and hope! ;<

    • Dawn Gagnon

      I have to agree…and I have a lot of far out beliefs but I agree with this…

    • Just Me

      re: the “zodiac” you’re confusing weekly horoscopes with actual astrology. Two different things entirely.

      • Chris Thomas Wakefield

        Depends. I’ve been reading horoscopes since 1967. You can find valuable advice based on a sun sign.

      • Rodolfo Sigala

        Both are BS…

        • Johnson FSJ1

          to be fair, just because we can’t quantify it does not mean it doesnt exist. after all, the tides are the movement of the Moon, so there is direct physical effect we know exists, and by some odd coincidence, hospitals see more emergencies and general chaos when it is full moon, so it wouldn’t be too far a stretch to consider that the other celestial bodies also have an impact on our behaviour

          • shabba4detroit

            Do you have any evidence beyond the anecdotal that hospitals see more emergencies and chaos during a full moon? I would be curious to know what studies you are relying upon.

          • Ky. Girl

            Go to your local hosital. talk to the staff. They see the correlation.

          • shabba4detroit

            Yeah thanks. That’s the very definition of anecdotal.

          • Kevan Lunney

            you know how to google?

          • shabba4detroit

            I do know how to Google, Kevan. I also know how to capitalize and read for comprehension. Using Google will not tell me what he relied upon. That’s why I asked him a question instead of using Google.

          • Bleu Jay Lady

            It’s not anecdotal if you actually do a study at several hospitals in the area over the course of a few months on, let’s say, the week of a full moon and either the week before or after the full moon. If you REALLY want to be thourough, throw the whole month in; I’ve heard that there are lot of crazies during the dark phase of the moon, too.

          • shabba4detroit

            It is quite anecdotal until someone does your proposed study and obtains results supporting the hypothesis that you have based upon stories, or anecdotes, that you have heard.

          • Meri Justus

            or Assisted living home, the CNA’s and Nurses all say that on a full moon, the Residents act up a bit.

          • Greg

            It is a chemical reaction in our bodies, effected by the magnetic poles that are subtly disrupted by a full moon. People have chemical imbalances, some frequently, some rarely, and some permanently! There’s nothing to quantify!

          • Johnson FSJ1

            that’s a really dim outlook, clearly you don’t share the inquisitive mind as the more brilliant members of our species ~ imagine if physicists or doctors didn’t pursue the science of quantifying naturally phenomena ~ we wouldnt have much of our modern technology or healthcare today

          • patriciahoward

            i do believe he was agreeing just put it very simply is all

          • patriciahoward

            simply put yes but theres a bit more to it than that

          • Andrew A Nyberg

            That would make sense if the 12 signs of the zodiac were represented by the 30 day moon cycle. Unfortunately, your theory is debunked as easy as this, the zodiac is based on the 12 months of the year, not the moon. lmao!

          • Kokomo Joe

            My wife, an Operating Room/Emergency Registered Nurse, absolutely SWEARS that the full moon results in the “crazies” filling up the ER. Studies have shown this not to be the case. Generally, however, I agree with you.

          • Andrew A Nyberg

            The full moon is measured each month. horoscopes are measured once per year. If you are saying that someone’s personality is based by the time of the month they exited the womb, that still wouldn’t make sense why someone in January would have a different personality than someone in June if they were both born on a full moon.

            Horoscopes were designed by snake oil style medicine men centuries ago to explain away what they previously could not. They are purposefully vague and open ended to apply to nearly anyone. Also notice that when a horoscope is wrong people jist shrug it off. When it is right it is “absolutely correct and therefor true!”

            It’s just like cold readers, palm readers, tarot cards, etc.

      • Andrew A Nyberg

        The signs of the zodiac are designed around the 12 constellations of the year…dont talk if you clearly have no idea what you are talking about.. .

        The horoscopes are a modern day adaptation of what gypsies and “witches” did to predict people’s futures using their zodiac symbols.

    • Deb Grif

      You really expected otherwise? Did you ever notice none of these things ever say psychopath or sadist either. There is no hand pattern that says killer, anti-social, hates people. It is all just light reading and humor.

      • Brian Miller

        Thats a fact!

      • Eileen S

        Did you know that a high percentage of criminals are left handed?

        • Richard Gillow

          An even higher percentage are ambidexterous.

          • Asha Wheeler

            I am ambidextrous. I wasn’t until after a car wreck. I had to learn to write with my left hand because my right arm was non-functioning. I can still do it but not as well as I used to be able too.

        • Jan Hunt

          …and actors…..and obama

      • T.Hunter

        No, casual entertainment sites online probably aren’t going to go into the details of an ancient craft. However, I studied palmistry. There is in fact hand characteristics (like shape combined with other features) that is indicative of sociopaths and criminals. There is a term for it–I can’t remember but essentially they are chubby, squared hands that have a child-like look to them. There’s more to it, but it has been quite a few years, and I would have to find the textbook. It is a practice and tradition that has been around for thousands of years. There is some really intriguing parts of palmistry that are never portrayed in articles like this. It is more about “reading people” rather then predicting the future. When you think about how the way we use our hands is going to obviously affect the way they look and feel, it doesn’t seem as ridiculous of a concept. Essentially, it is thousands of years worth of study on people’s hands and the correlation of those features and characteristics with certain types of people. Then a palm reader just studies that knowledge, looks at your hands, notices those things, and reads them back to you. With the thousands of years worth of research it has it’s merits. Of course that is dependent upon your palm reader’s perception, skill, and knowledge.

        • Janet

          Like trumpies little hands?

          • T.Hunter

            Actually, yes Janet,similar to Trumpie’s hands, haha. They can also have long palms and shorter, thick, knotty fingers. Though there are other factors in palmistry that come into play never mentioned on sites like this — things like the space between fingers, texture of skin, shape of the tips of the fingers, and many other things.

          • ldyhawk549

            Or Little Marco Rubio’s little hands?

          • michael

            I knew it was coming. There is trump written everywhere. lol

          • Jenise Romano

            I was thinking the same thing!

          • Alex Grace Cooper

            taken right out of my thoughts!! LOL …great minds

          • jobird

            You a sad ,mean spirited person.but I see you are not alone with your opinion of President Trump.Remember they are like a–holes every one has one.Have a good Sunday.

          • Pamela Schild Lain

            Is there not ANYTHING on this earth that you snowflakes don’t compare to Trump. Believe it or not, you are obsessed with him…LOL Now that just made my day…LMBO You people are so pathetic that you can’t even read an article about palm reading without throwing out a comment about him. Oh goodness, I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. Only I’m not laughing at your lame joke. I’m laughing at your pathetic life…LOLOLOL

          • patriciahoward

            is there no negative comment that you freaks wont call someoe a “snowflake” for wtf kind of dumb ass term is snowflake anyway is that really the best you can come up with so anybody who doesnt like your embarassing classless ass pers is a snowflake? wow americans are seriously lame good luck with your horses ass

          • G̷w̷y̷n̷d̷a̷l̷y̷n̷

            Clueless dumb fu#$s or Useless Morons would be a good term…

          • patriciahoward

            your infantile approach to any kind of disagreement with your close minded name calling idiocy is….goddamn worrisome ….grow up wow ….its absolutely overwhelmingly alarmingly stupid and childish!!! has everyone dumbed down to such a low level that they cant even discuss debate or otherwise come to even an agreement to disagree… the best u can do is name call and say insanely stupid shit and not one single person can tell me anything remotely intelligent or persuading in your own defence??? except….lol….”SNOWFLAKE”?? oh and of course better include now dumbf&#ks and useless morons….lol lol…..almost felt like typing ” i know you are but what am i nah na nah na nah nah”….but then i remember im am intelligent adult and apparently still have some semblance of brain cell activity moral fortitude and vocabulary beyond a 3 year old level…..might wanna check the levels of liquid stupid they are dumping in your drinking water south of the boarder mmmmkay…..wow

          • Gwyndalyn🕸

            hehe… wow that one hurt lol ever heard of “spell check” look who is on the “defensive”……

          • Gwyndalyn🕸

            oh please just stfu you whiny little …..!! We are so sick of your type of rhetoric…

          • Andrew A Nyberg

            Did that trigger you snowflake? Do you need a safe space to bottle your feelings? boo hoo.

          • Jan Hunt

            …or hillary’s money grabbing hands from her government scams….i noticed they were shaped like lobster claws…have you noticed???????

        • https://www.facebook.com/ Kazuto Kirigaya

          you can’t remember or google couldn’t find an answer for ya……i spared somebody 30 seconds lol anyways i’ll go with you can’t remember and this hasn’t been around that long…..ok it has lol….yes i am trolling if you read this far YOU ROCK but in all seriousness i believe in palmistry maybe you can read mine in a picture?

          • T.Hunter

            I can, but I already know that it is going to say you are a presumptuous d*ck. You can use google as you stated and probably find a site that will walk you through the basics at least. It has been several years since I did a reading, I am not into it anymore– it takes time, at least an hour and a half. So I am not really motivated, maybe if you had asked without the trolling. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/29d633ca7d96caa6414d6d5dacb911c3cd5a9abba7702bae663b07a8da8de22a.jpg

          • T.Hunter

            I can, but you can use google as you stated and probably find a site that will walk you through the basics at least. It has been several years since I did a reading, I am not into it anymore– it takes time, at least an hour and a half. So I am not really motivated, maybe if you had asked without the trolling. :p https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/29d633ca7d96caa6414d6d5dacb911c3cd5a9abba7702bae663b07a8da8de22a.jpg

          • AliVin the Deplorable

            Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 😊

          • Falcon365

            I am very curious; other than this ones admitting to trolling and the strange wording, how would you know if it was a troller or not? It just seems that a person reading comments and responding is now considered as trolling?

          • T.Hunter

            Urban dictionary is your friend. They will define it in detail, it will helpful if are struggling to understand something of that nature. Though your commentary doesn’t make sense to me. They said they were trolling. They also stated, “you can’t remember or google couldn’t find an answer for ya”. What is confusing about that? The person who was called out for trolling said, “yes i am trolling”. Not only that, but in my response I jested in the same manner as they did. Nothing really complicated about it. I haven’t seen any troll themed witch hunts in this comment thread.

          • T.Hunter

            To answer your questions:

            -how would you know if it was a troller or not?
            Urban Dictionary exists to define words for anyone who doesn’t understand terms of this nature. Using that knowledge in combination of reading comprehension and context clues, I imagine.

            -It just seems that a person reading comments and responding is now considered as trolling?

            I haven’t seen evidence of that except the irrelevant political stuff, most of this comment thread has been normal correspondence as far as I can tell. As far as my response to the person above, they said they were trolling. They also stated, “you can’t remember or google couldn’t find an answer for ya”. While jesting, I simply repeated their own words. It isn’t like I took their comment to heart (it’s the internet and they weren’t rude). They asked me a question and I answered it. I haven’t seen any troll themed witch hunts in this comment thread.

          • Falcon365

            It isn’t really a big deal. I should actually have asked the question of Kazuto, because his, or her her, comment really didn’t sound like a troll. It was confused a bit, but a troll is one who goes through sites looking to post negative content, focused on dissing the people’s characters, or a group of people’s characters, with no intent to address the matter at hand, or any mattter except to insult.
            I’ve mistakenly referred to myself as a troller, but I don’t diss; others mistake it as a person who disagrees with the other comments, or who spends time commenting on other comments. I think Kazuto is also mistakenly calling him or herself a troll.
            There are actually a number of trolls on this page.
            I didn’t mean to confuse you, I was just trying to find out what other people consider a troll to be since that term seems to get confused a lot since the beginning days of social networking.


          • Falcon365

            An interesting explanation of them, here, goes much further than I’ve done.

        • Kayt Vigil

          Is it true that the lines on the hands change or shift throughout life, even if it’s just a small change? I read that somewhere a loooong time ago but then kept forgetting to research it or to ask someone who might know.

          • T.Hunter

            Some features are there forever, altered only by aging. In palmistry, your non-dominant hand is you as you were born, it shows what potential you had, and your dominant hand shows what you have made of that potential. So readings involving your non-dominant hand are more “metaphysical”, something that might incur doubt in the skeptical. However, other features of your hand change as you age and as use your hands by performing certain actions. Your dominant hand will show the changes more as you have used it more. The reading of your dominant hand is more scientific or based on thousands of years of observation. I am a professional artist, me holding, my drawing instrument has deepened certain lines. Think of wrinkles. People who smoke for many years often get those mouth lines above their lips, people who squint or glare a lot have those wrinkles between their eyebrows. essentially our movements are limited to our anatomy and often as human beings we all use similar actions with our hands, however certain actions are more prevalent in other depending on their life and choices. That makes your hand have unique features. A dedicated piano player or guitar player, or someone who works with computers will have often have fingers that are more spaced from one another then someone who wouldn’t have had to use those hand positions repetitively throughout their life. As technology changes, palmistry becomes a bit more uncertain as there isn’t as much knowledge on how using certain devices affects the hands. If you move you hands now and look, you can see that moving your fingers in a certain way changes or makes some new lines appear, now imagine you did that hand motion for longs periods of time throughout your life, of course there will be changes and those lines will be more prominent after a long while. Your hands are just like the rest of your body, they can be shaped from different motions. Just like your body it is always going to be the same general height and proportions, but you can bulk up, lean down, become flexible, tan, etc…

        • Lydia Strusz

          Thank you for sharing. I find this fascinating.

        • Falcon365

          I agree. I never went into it as a means of reading for anybody other than a few family friends and family, but, like many of the predictive and reading sciences, when studies and used correctly, they do work.

    • Valerie

      Say it ain’t so… My life means nothing now!!!

    • Deb Bridge

      When people make these kind of comments I always wonder if this is their stance, why dd they ever even bother to read the post to begin with ….

      • Dragona72


    • Erica Cook

      So, I get to make fun of aspects of your religion next, right? Believe it or not, these things are actually associated with religions that are a lot older than Christianity. You don’t believe in it, don’t take part. That’s fine, but if you’re going to mock it, don’t get all pissy if we mock you.

      • Sheila Vucci

        That tirade came out of left field………. No one said anything about religion. Read the post, just for fun.

        • matrixisreal

          liberals have no logic, they just rant about random things and parade around like proud roosters when they are done. You can never expect a response of any with or intelligence. If you do get a response, it is likely going to be so illogically sound that any conversation will be futile.

          • Kerry Flynn

            Stop misusing the word liberal and pretending you know something about logic. Try saying something besides random insults.

          • ldyhawk549

            Liberals have no logic and don’t understand it.

          • T.Hunter

            As a philosophy major, who has had to take several logic classes. It is clear neither of you who tossed around logic and liberals, understand logic. Anyone educated in the subject would laugh reading your post. I mean what made you click on an article about palmistry, and then troll through the comments…how amusing.

          • Tom Deitz

            That’s the best answer I’ve seen on here, which may also describe a troll. Someone who speaks off topic for a reaction, regardless of political affiliation. Now with that said, T. Hunter, you’re take on palmistry was interesting. TY

          • Lisa Baxter

            for all the knuckleheads who use the term “Liberals” as if it’s a bad thing, YOU need to look it up! Being a Liberal means being progressive and supporting Freedom. while being a “Conservative” means avoiding PROGRESS. By sheer basic Websters definition. Liberals are GOOD for society, Conservatives are BAD! Freedom fighters are “Liberals”, KKK Members are CONSERVATIVE… DUH!

          • Jeremy Burr

            Lisa, while this is true, by the arbitrary laws of communication, Liberal means what its context most often implies. In other words, if you know what they meant by Liberal, then by a philosophical law of language, they used the word correctly. (Just not as originally intended).

            Ironically, to resist that view of language would literally be an act of conservatism. (An attempt to conserve the traditional meaning).

            By switching the subject from the premise and topic to semantics, you’ve committed multiple informal fallacies.

          • Lisa Baxter

            I wasn’t focusing on the SUBJECT i was focusing on the response from isyhawk549, who incorrectly thinks he is insulting democrats by calling them “Liberals”– and to further add stupidity to the GOP’ers why do they call democrats “SNOWFLAKE?”– what has a snowflake have to do with someones political views???????

          • Falcon365

            A snowflake is a slang used for people who are sensitive to certain points of view, or who don’t accept a particular point of view, seeking to change it. Here is one explanation of the use of it for political purpose

            The problem with the use of it for negative intent is that either side of the party could use it, as they do now, to describe a person who doesn’t agree with what’s going on in the political scene.

            Some people have used it to describe mild spectrums of down syndromes because of their sensitivity to certain aspects of life; certain spectrums of down syndrome, ie; a mild spectrum where they have only a bit of down syndrome, cannot handle the unfairness of life. They recognize, when others are blind to it, the injustices that exist in humanity, and in the justice world. The down syndrome are sensitive to mockery; People who point out injustices are called complainers, and in the political world mostly, are deemed as snowflakes.

            The snowflake is a symbol of purity and multi-faceted expression, of individualism because (allegedly? ) there is no snowflake alike. Thus to consider oneself different in any way, or to think of oneself as individual, is considered self-importance and is very much looked down on by those who seek to create a society of one thought. Really, the thing goes so deep, when all we need to do is remember what the real symbol is meant as, Purity and multi-faceted expression.
            Like so many other things in life, the original meaning has been turned political and twisted to something negative. Look up the meaning of ‘swastika’ as one example.
            If you get called a snowflake, remember the real meaning behind it, regardless of the trolls use of the term.

          • matrixisreal

            Take your fascist lies elsewhere liberal progressive scum, move to Europe and enjoy globalist utopia and stop shoving it down everyone’s throat.

          • Lisa Baxter

            typical response from a racist KKK wanna be

          • Mitra Lujan

            Matrixisreal: You are extremely rude. Does conservative mean rude and uneducated. Just add the uneducated part.

          • http://www.mouselion.com Eric Reagan

            Yep, projecting… what was that made-up word again? Bigly.

            matrixisreal “…have no logic, they just rant about random things and parade around like
            proud roosters when they are done. You can never expect a response of
            any wit or intelligence. If you do get a response, it is likely going to
            be so illogically sound that any conversation will be futile.”

          • T.Hunter

            This isn’t just your country, and we are diverse. I think it is more about finding the balance between capitalism and socialism. You need a good balance to ensure that we don’t solely become a government focused on corporate interests. In the last couple decades the scale has been tipping, and just needs to be evened out a bit.

          • http://www.mouselion.com Eric Reagan

            Not only that political “conservatives” bash liberals (and, anyone “not them”) while enjoying the rights and freedom of a western liberal society.

          • http://www.mouselion.com Eric Reagan

            Project much?

          • matrixisreal

            Feeling bigly about yourself? I just love watching liberals squirm. Conservatives hated Obama for his Politics, but we didn’t go totally ape and cry to mom to make it stop. Sorry… your kind are weak and silly.

        • patriciahoward

          wow do americans find a way to make EVERYTHING political?….its absolutely ridiculous!!!!….bordering on some kind of neuroticism….weird…

        • Erica Cook

          It’s not a tirade and it only feels like its out of left field because you don’t have to think about your religion being laughed at for fun.

    • Petra Vetter

      It ridiculous, I read years ago that the Princess Of Wales (Diana) had one of the longest and best life lines. According to that she should have become very old. Yeah, right.

      • Lisa Baxter

        she WOULD have died very old if she had not been MURDERED!!!

    • Cookie Love

      I checked mine and my lines were only slightly at different levels. I read the first one, and said ‘well shit, that is totally me.’ Then I realized I was looking at the wrong description and the correct description was… totally me. As was the third description.

    • Kai Cluster

      The zodiac is based on astrology which is not as farfetched as you probably think.

      • Andrew A Nyberg

        yes, yes it is. lol Astrology is pseudoscience. May as well say you believe in magic.

    • Lynn Long

      lol – and yet you read it

    • melihat

      True. You are self-confident and willing to wait for the right person, or you are rational, caring, and take love seriously, or you are an independent and intuitive old soul. All very general and rather flattering. Most people aren’t going to argue against a flattering assessment of themselves. It’s hogwash.

    • Tanya Bodani

      shut up

      • Tanya Bodani

        you have no Idea what you are talking about

      • Tanya Bodani

        and also I am neither of the other descriptions let me guess…aquarius?

    • Falcon365

      Didn’t fit me at all.

    • Deborah Dillihant

      @ Andrew I agree you can take any set of people and watch them and you will find that each set opposite of another set will have some identical traits. It takes thinking people to see this and unless they can go deeper and actually tell me something then just like the zodiac and all of those other novices that is out there can stay out there..

    • Chris Thomas Wakefield

      Similar to a something a young soul would say. Shallow thinker stuck on their opinions and cultural beliefs.

    • Bambam

      And I thought I was Willie’s twin, thanks asshole..

    • John Moore

      Suppose there is no Easter bunny or Tooth fairy…huh!!!!

    • Kathy Marquard

      if you don’t believe, then why do you look?

      • Andrew A Nyberg

        I’m commenting on some thing that showed up on my feed. There was no need to read this nonsense.

  • Joel Gannotti

    If they have no lines look under the thumb nail where it says made in China

    • Izzy

      Now that’s funny!

    • Jesse G Vasquez

      I believe what I want to believe in,,, Do i believe in Ghosts,, Yes,, Do I believe in God,, Yes,, Do I believe in Crazyness,,,Damn Right…

      • Mirranda Constantine


  • Bhabes Yogi

    The Love Lines on Both Hands are at the Same Level

    • CheckSix

      Why did you choose to “follow” me , if I may ask? (Just curious)

      • Dan Brennan

        are you M/Gen F. Blesse?

        • CheckSix


      • http://disqus.com/by/eleonordiza Eleonor Jimenez Diza

        Awww i didn’t even know you exist here lol////

        • CheckSix

          No problem….just wondering lol

        • CheckSix

          Someone with your icon clicked the “Follow” on my avatar…. ?? (May have been just a slip of the finger?)

        • CheckSix

          Someone has “cloned” you, I suspect….(using your avatar & name). That is a pain !

  • Trinh Tat-Tran

    am I supposed to place my palm evenly on purpose or just one fast time to see if the lines match or not?

  • Joey Pacheco


  • Michelle Ware

    My lines are the same as pic 2 but i have traits from all 3 groups LOL

    • Laura Silva

      where can I READ what it means to be a #2?

  • http://sweattshop-graphic-artist.blogspot.com/ Dennis Sweatt

    Slavery dates back to almost the beginning of mankind. Should we believe in such practices because they are ancient?
    That kind of thinking is desperate and sophomoric.
    107K in shares. Yeesh. We have such a long way to go as a civilization.

  • donnadee

    I can’t even see the damned answers to the palmistry. This site is bogus

    • Mirranda Constantine

      i am not bogus. but i do love that movie. i was just having a little visit to this page myself. hope you find those answers to palmistry.. every ones feed back is interesting. some even funny. lol., so that is a bonus. have a read.

  • Connie Misiolek

    for some reason, I can never read these articles….

  • Mario

    Total crap.

  • NY to SF

    Ok..ok. Testing 1..2..3…Testing time. How many people have lines that don’t match up? This seems a bit odd to me. Who among us has a lower or higher lines?

  • yousuf

    But My Hands If I Put Together Making “C” Shape What That’s Mean ?

  • azoreseuropa

    LOL! It is superstitious. Mine is perfect line: The Love Lines on Both Hands are at the Same Level.

    Silly spiritual and superstitious.

  • http://ranma.wikia.com/wiki/Ryoga_Hibiki Ryoga Hibiki

    These individuals take love VERY serious and prefer to be in constant, long-term relationships. They are not afraid of the time, energy and dedication that a real relationship will take, more than prepared to fight for something that they feel strongly about. Highly rational and valuing the importance of a steady routine, they are highly disturbed when something changes, especially last minute. They are soft spoken and caring, often reaching out to care for others in their times of need.

  • Sunny Skye

    Whoa. Just to make sure I read each one first and chose which one sounded most like myself. Then I looked at my hands. It was accurate. How ’bout that.

  • Waliyah Sadiq

    My lines are perfectly joined and the explanation couldn’t be further from the truth. I fit more with the last one where the left is lower. Makes me want to delve more into palmistry for clarity.

  • grampy9134


    • Mirranda Constantine

      that is something to be proud of.

  • 301
  • katitdid

    And where does it tells us what it means. Shits and giggles.

  • James a. Howbert

    This site sucks

  • Peter Spencer

    Lines match each other exactly when I put my hands together, so I’m second on the list.

  • kay

    they totally got it wrong on me

  • http://www.change.org/petitions/abccom-bring-back-extreme-home-makeover-home-edition Vicki (Katt) Sommerville

    Mine fits me 100%

  • Karen Davis Scales

    #2 is my hands and me up and down. Very passionate about my relationships.

  • Valerie

    What if you don’t have hands, Then what? I actually have a birth defect that prevents me from turning my hands to compare, does that mean I should just not buy into this nonsense? Uh, yes, I believe that’s how I’ll live the rest of my life, considering I’ve survived 53 years without it so far

  • Shirley Freeman

    LOL this is 100% wrong LOL

  • Biglittlejoe

    I still think love stinks!

  • Brian Miller

    I wanted to go deeper. So, I went to a specialist in buttistry. They told me they couldn’t help me because my butt was broken. Apparently, it’s cracked and has a hole in it

  • Janice Momazero Savage

    OMG i only had one love line.shit no wonder its hard for me to love lol

    • Mirranda Constantine


  • http://www.peabuttonsmom.com/ Bonnie Banks

    Comments are hilarious! FYI: My so called “love lines” don’t match ANY of these! Mine look like two happy smiles! No downward facing center point whatsoever……Yes, God calls us Peculiar people….

  • Becca Zen

    Nope, no lines at all! because i am not really here reading these vague descriptions that have literally nothing meaningful to say. .. just as am commenting here wasting everyones time with my nonsense too .. just keeping it real .. well, not really real… ..

  • Batista Gremaud

    so where is the explanation of what it means?

  • T.Hunter

    An excellent book that goes into the science of palmistry is ‘The Benham Book of Palmistry: A practical treatise on the laws of scientific hand reading’. For people dismissing this practice that has been honed for thousands of years– it isn’t all the future predicting, gypsy cursing, and witchcraft that it has been portrayed as in the media and for entertainment There is sound reason in its techniques, so those just brushing it off, acting as if they are too “logical” to believe in something so silly– there is definitely science to back some parts of it up. Not every thing on the subject (like this article) is sound and true, but Palmistry itself has thousands of years of documents and research behind it, and it is actually really fascinating.

  • Ronnie Gates

    What line shows the mixture of the three?

  • Sheila Vucci

    Mine are even and it’s right on.

  • Bitterroot

    BS woo wooism.

  • Dragona72

    Why are non believers so invested in replying to things like this?
    The only reason I can think is that they hate and wish to denounce this way of thinking just as bitterly as any other “religion” or belief against another! Bullies on the elementary school playground indeed!!!

  • Bruce Jacobs

    Well my story is a little different I can’t get my palms read because because I lost my hands catfishing during a lightning storm. (Long story). For many years I was really down about this I missed my palms my shlong missed my left Palm a lot and all I wanted to do was get my Palms read. Then one day a co-worker ran up to me and explained that she had answer to my problems. I said what might that be?? She explained I found a Foot Reader! So when we got off from work we went to Solemates I was led to a chair in the back room a woman sat closely across from me she ask me to take of my Socks and shoes. As I bent down my heart dropped I was looking at old shoes that I wore that day because my new ones were giving me blisters. Well when I took of my Socks and shoes My feet smelled bad I mean rotten fish bad. By the look on the foot readers face I knew I made a mistake she picked up my right foot holding her nose with her other hand. She put the foot down quickly and said ” oh my Child terrible news” I said what and she says it looks like your future is going to stink. That wi’ll be $ 50.00 dollars and buy our foot spray at our counter…well I sure felt like a heel. Have agreat day!!

  • ldyhawk549

    Mine are the same level. However, my personality/outlook also encompasses the last one a lot; not just the one for those at the same level.

  • Bill Dixon

    and if you stand on your head and have to poop the line if pain is the center of your ass crack and falls down your back meaning shitty day,

  • James Richardson

    mine were upsidedown like a sad face and both middle fingers were up,whats that mean?

  • Jakob Rizio

    I farted.

  • Julie Gonsalves

    Shouldn’t both hands be the same?

  • Autumn V.

    To the trolls who are commenting here: very much like yourselves, people are going to believe what gives them comfort. While it’s fair to criticize ideas and beliefs, it is unfair and just plain mean (thus the word “troll”) to criticize people who believe them. Example:” I think Mormonism is a cult” … would be an acceptable opinion/criticism. However, saying “I think you are an idiot for being Mormon” is rude and not acceptable. See the difference? Most of us learned this early in life. I’m so sorry for you as it appears there was something lacking in your upbringing. I hope you all find some peace of mind so you can stop spreading misery and being bullies. We know you are suffering too, bless your hearts.

  • gustavo herrera

    hahahahahaha such bullshit……i’m nothing like the supposed palm reading i got…hahahaha

  • Amanda Wilkinson-Bonnett

    Yes, it doesn’t say anything about psychopaths or sadists, just as horoscopes don’t. This article pertains strictly to the love lines only, but to each positive, there remains the negative to be discussed. Everything has another side. Like horoscopes never discuss that Libra tend to be gluttonous and can spend to excessive amounts, or collectors of nearly every odd or neat things and becoming hoarders, or extremely bipolar. Leo never says anything about being super jealous and abusive. Tauruses are never said to be selfish and overly obsessed with comfort to dangerous levels.
    The love lines do have their negative. But this article is meant to glean over the subject, and draw you into more in depth exploration of palmistry, where you’ll find further answers.
    Don’t dismiss it so early, when this writer only meant to intrigue you and open you up to more about palmistry.

  • Michael Gunslinger

    Mine fit me to a T I mean spot on.

  • Karen Schmidt

    My palms don’t lie. I am No. 2.

  • T Suleman Wahyudi

    i am no.2. it is true. how this work? statistic data. lol

  • Repo

    What does it mean if you just have massive hands and wear a size 14 ring?

    • Tom Deitz

      No one should argue with you! Unless they wear a size 15 ring. 💪🏻

  • Kimberley Scott

    Mine have little x’s all over them. I wonder what that means????

  • http://disqus.com/by/eleonordiza Eleonor Jimenez Diza

    The Love Lines on Both Hands are at the Same Level

  • Shamael Ben Shabbatai

    All in your life emerges of what you chose, and what you chose can only rest on what you believe or what you know about what you perceive and become conscious of. I believe what I want to know, and unless I find any evidence for what I believe and thus can not turn it into knowledge, it does not exist for me, it’s just a belief. Now, look the world and see the fools that live with faith. If it is faith you create by your own, all is ok, you have to believe in what you seek for, but if it is faith that is washed in your brain by some bigots, and where the same people forbid to you to put in question and seek for evidence for it, you’re lost. Now, concerning this “information”, you may believe it, but, for sure, you don’t have to. I am rather from the last described crowd, despite my love lines match and are same on both hands, and I think the this will be the fact for more than 95% of us. A proof that all this can be true, but does not has to be true.

  • cleopuma

    Wow, well number 3 fits me pretty close.

  • Zeroisme Lyfe Powers

    Because I lived in Sedona, AZ for almost forty years, I must agree with Andrew. My Experience is that most of these “New Wage” methods are Foo-Foo dust and FOXCRAP!

  • Connie Bennett

    So true, too bad my ex-husbands didn’t feel the same way!

  • Jackson Rollock
  • Jackson Rollock

    They say love is more important than money, but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug?

  • Dangdude

    i rather not find out…

  • Gina Steinhardt

    Mine was in the center and completely accurate. Unfortunately, these attributes did not work out well for me.

  • urbanegorilla

    I’m screwed.. I lost my left hand in a chainsaw accident…. OMG!

  • Scott L.

    there isnt a new age religious belief that this site doesnt promulgate. where any voodoo out there is all good but the gospel is an aversion that you won`t read anywhere around here.

  • http://www.mindmiracleshypnotherapy.ca Cherylann Thomas

    Does not suit my story at all with even lines. Where does this come from? I believe in me. 🙂