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“Earth has Shifted” – Inuit Elders Issue Warning to NASA and the World (Video)

  • AKlabrat

    This isn’t as far-fetched as a lot of people might think when you stop to consider that most of the world’s large dams (e.g. Three Gorges, China) are in the northern hemisphere.

    • Damian Chmielix

      I’m sorry, Im not sure if I understand (English isn’t my mothertongue) could you explain in more simple words please? Thanks 🙂

      • AKlabrat


        What is your first language?

        There is a lot of water on the top of the world that cannot move because humans build walls (dams) to hold it. Because of this, there is a lot of water trapped in North America, Europe, and Asia: the water can’t get back to the ocean. There are not as many dams in South America, Africa, or Australia (not as much water in Northern Africa and all of Australia, actually). Water is very heavy. So, all the water that cannot move around is affecting how Earth spins on its axis.

        • Damian Chmielix

          Ok, now I get it. Thank you. It’s Polish 🙂

        • anthony james

          And all the heavy cars we have in the north, just pulling the world down hahahaaahahahahaaa

          • Joris

            And don’ t forget all the obese Americans on burgers!! 🙂

        • Robert Melford Nickerson


        • GillandDes Currie

          Water is heavy? What a dip.

          • Janis Spinks

            Have you ever carried a gallon of water a few blocks from a convenient store?

            A US gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds… Yeah I’d say it’s quite heavy…

            10 gal= 83 pounds
            100 gal = 834 pounds
            a million gallons weighs over 4 tons

        • Geoffrey Wheat

          and Jenny Craig escapees LOL

        • kharris0203

          This theory is ludicrous, considering that the surface of the planet, including the atmosphere and all the water, is only as thick as the PAINT, if the Earth were a globe! The planet is so much larger and heavier than whatever goes on at the surface.

    • Vincent Palmer
  • Bruce Brown

    I think they are correct. The earth does wobble on its axis. It follows an elliptical course called the Procession of the Equinox and it follows a 26,000 year cycle. The shape is divided into 12 ages that are named for the Horoscope signs. We are now at the beginning of a new cycle. It is, ready, the Age of Aquarius. The cycle also includes a flip or hemisphere dominance, so the West is losing dominance and the East is going to dominate again

    • Raphael Diy
    • Ron Gonshorowski

      In about 2 billion years the Moon will be so far away from the Earth that there will never be another total eclipse.

      • Auntie Spam

        Yep. Just around the corner. What will you be doing in two billion years?

        • Ron Gonshorowski

          I have two options. I can be fertilizer for the flower of my choice or if possible I can be be uploaded by quantum computing methods to the cloud so that I can continue forever. LOL.

        • sharon

          turning over in my grave…LOL

    • Naeema Rahman


    • sono6ovich

      That is: Precession, because it does so backwards.

    • Mike Difortuna

      Can you cite your sources? Please and thank you would like to read more

    • Sharianne Greer

      Here’s another possibility: According to the channeling of George Van Tassle who built the Integratron – nuclear testing in the 1950’s was pushing the Earth from the Moon and that is the cause of Global Warming – which apparently was a thing even then! If that’s the real reason – kinda sheds new light on the North Korea nuclear testing situation also.

    • Rev. Analbumcover

      No, it takes thousands of years for it to change much, and if they were seeing as much of a difference as this article claims, astronomers everywhere would know all about it. This article is complete garbage.

      • Ron Edward

        It’s people like you who blindly follow NASA and the mass media and refuse to except that information is hidden from the public. When the elite are safe in they’re underground bunkers and you suffer the apocalypse only then when it’s too late will you know the truth. We are all slaves to the corporate machine. We work, buy, consume and then die while they pervert the media and music industry and fuck children at the pizza gate.

        • Rev. Analbumcover

          ROFLMAO! No, I just understand basic sixth-grade physics. Your rant was fun, though. I hope you don’t actually believe it–what a nightmare world you’d have to be living in.

          • Ronald Cuthbert

            as your handle bud you are a brainwashed anus

          • Rev. Analbumcover

            I am also a moderator. Poof!

        • Victor

          Wow, “pizza gate”, you know that was a fake news story put out deliberately to throw as many people off as possible. I used to live near there and I can tell you that there is no pizza place, no tunnel under Connecticut Ave, no book store that HRC is dealing children out of for sex.

          • Jessica Snow

            I live near there too, and there is totally a tunnel under Connecticut avenue 😉 I have been inside of it. The Pizzagate story was bullshit– HRC is not affiliated with a pizza place that is dealing children for sex, and that lie was a terrible blow to the business that was accused– however there is truth to be found as well. These days, the fake news outweighs the truth, however there is always a grain of truth to be found…

        • Mike Posey

          Seriously….pizza gate……are you stupid or just ignorant of reality?

          • HipJipC

            Pedophilia and the torture and rape of children has been a majority male past time since time immemorial. Any label put on any given barbaric action and places of those barbaric actions by the trillions+ of these predators over millennia , like “pizza gate”, is irrelevant considering the barbarism itself is and always has been a reality. Your comment clearly reflects the adjectives you threw at Ron, “stupid” and “ignorant of reality”, as belonging to no other but yourself and sadly a whole bunch of others blind mostly through shame that the male race is majorly so obviously perverse and broken. Biology/physiology/dna/genetics/nature/nurture/environment … whatever excuse anyone wants to use has been used … ENOUGH ALREADY! As if denying it makes it cease to exist. High time it’s dealt with … Agenda 21.

      • Joe Kearns

        Your not checking it yourself dude, ill believe people that live on a vast horizon outdoors most of their life over dorks with telescopes and a modern collage degree.

        • Rev. Analbumcover

          You haven’t even mastered your own native language. Your intelligence is substandard.

      • Ronald Cuthbert

        You are talking out of your ass, pardon my French rev I am 67, from as far back as I can remember winters were longer and colder in the UK we don’t get winters anywhere near that now sometimes 1 day of snow that’s it all winter, the Inuit elders have been around longer than me and I would rather believe them over politicians finding more ways of ripping people off over a fictitious global warming

        • Rev. Analbumcover

          You’re a senile old fart. You don’t even know what I said. You’re too stupid to realize you’re agreeing with me, you stupid ass!

    • Jacob

      Yes, Age of Aquarius I believe to be the Age of warming and Sea rises and envelops land in the masses! Until the next big freeze, which I haven’t really seen the sign correlating to this, but is definitely my theory on the subject.

    • Zero11s .

      no it doesn’t liar

  • David Green

    Makes sense the sun is higher in the sky than it used to be. Sydney Australia.

  • nimblenoggin

    Eat that, Al Gore and Climaphobes.

    • Rick


    • Benny Deleon

      They do eat that their right about climate change. Does pollution help us survive it? What do you think ?

      • sono6ovich

        They do eat things that we go ugh about, but which item on their right, as opposed to their left,do you mean?

      • Fredric Terra

        Excellent point – pollution does not help us survive, and it negatively impacts our health and the health of flora and fauna. We are to be stewards of Mother Earth, and we must be grateful for what she provides. To do otherwise, to unnecessarily pollute is a grave injustice to our grandchildren and their grandchildren. My career as an Environmental Compliance Manager has been in the manufacturing sector for the past 38 years and I can assure you that for-profit corporations need strict environmental regulations to allow them to engage in positive stewardship because the creed of corporate America is that corporations exist to provide maximum return on investment for shareholders. That means that if non-compliance is less costly than compliance, the corporations are put in the undesirable position to skirt regulations for the sake of higher profit. So regardless of which political party you feel you are part of, regardless of your opinion on the basis for climate change, there is no logical rational that supports lessening our restrictions on pollution. And that goes for the end-of-times hopefuls too. Give a Hoot, Don’t Pollute!

  • Egil Helleland

    And that is the difference!

  • Marsha Biller

    Ever since the huge tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004

    • Marg Gramark

      You are correct! I heard that the earth was wobbling from that tsunami & have been curious, with all the reports of climate change, etc that this has not been brought up… perhaps you & I were the only ones that heard this/paid any attention to this – I figure, if the earth has been wobbling or caused to wobble on it’s axis, there has to be some repercussions, such as climate change, that we ARE having. Also, things around the world seem to have become a bit crazy/off… I heard a First Nations Story Teller, a number of years back, say that when things move North & south, the world is in a good place, but when they go East & West, bad things occur. In the video, it is mentioned that the winds are moving east-west now, instead of north-south & I find this to be very intriguing.

      • Robert Melford Nickerson

        up & down is the absolute worse

  • Sally Hlavay

    This is the way of the world. I agree with the Elders!

  • juliano66

    Climate change hysteria is just that. I’ll go with the Indigenous over corporate sponsored “facts” on what’s happening with the planet at this pivotal moment in our lives.

  • juliano66

    Old school Indigenous wisdom!

  • rangerbanger

    I have been wondering about this since the evening of the summer solstice. I was walking by the Bexar County courthouse in San Antonio, a building that faces about 2 or 3 degrees east of due north. In theory, the face of the courthouse should be in shadow all days of the year as the sun never comes directly overhead beyond the Tropic of Cancer and we’re about 666 kilometers North of this farthest north point of the sun.

    Yet that evening (above, the Solstice), I was shocked to see the face of the building in sunlight! It was at an extreme angle as the sun was about 30 minutes or less from setting, but nonetheless I have NO explanation.

    Any guesses?

  • Gaby Matthys

    Is the Nautical Almanac 2017; we need for Astro-Navigation still valid? Or is this the end of Celstial Navigation?

  • Think a little further

    The video was made 3,5 years ago, so I wonder if they have even more daylight now then?

  • Ken Flood

    I heard it takes about 200 years for the process to complete( once it begins) and the magnetic field reverses

    • Janis Spinks

      I heard this as well, but I suppose that doesn’t mean it won’t have effects now

  • Michele Anderson

    I have had that same thought. Just being where I am it feels different than years ago.

  • Diana Oppel

    I believe them I go by the stars for next day weather etc.

  • Wizard6x9

    only thing that makes sense, think about it, North Pole is melting, South Pole is increasing in size, massive hurricanes created from the increase in speed from the pressure of the Ice pushing down on the water increasing the speed of the Antarctic streams, pushing the Gulf Stream faster not allowing it to cool down fast enough causing the waters in the North Atlantic to be warmer as they travel across the Atlantic to England. Canada use to be the tropic’s, Antarctic use to be the tropic’s, this is a normal evolution or cycle in earths history, Your Climate Change is normal, CO2 levels are not a factor since in the Jurassic Period had levels of CO2 5 time higher. Google it all do the research

    • Brian Leger

      Was the movement of Antarctica from an axis shift or a continental drift?

      • AikiDavid

        Antarctica didn’t move!!

        • Joe Kearns

          Yes it people saw it

    • sono6ovich

      tropics. No need for the genitive case!
      earth’s history. Genitive case needed.

    • AikiDavid

      Actually, the South Pole IS NOT, REPEAT, NOT INCREASING IN SIZE!! It’s just the surrounding sea ice that has gotten larger, and that is only 10 to 12 feet thick (very thin), what is shrinking at the South Pole is the mass that is 2,000 feet thick!! And that is sliding downhill and into the ocean. And they’ve had ice bergs the size of Rhode Island break off and float away!!

  • Benny Deleon

    Every 200,000 years the Earth flips.

    • Ron Gonshorowski

      I have been looking for that information for some time. I was taught by an electrician years ago that the pole we consider is magnetic North is really the magnetic South. He even had a Boys Life Article explaining it but this article comes closest to his explanation.

  • justice2

    Not due to Climate change…..They must be racists…….They probably hate homosexuals….Oh my God we must tear down all statues of these people…..

  • Ikijibiki


  • Stingray

    Makes sense.

  • Susan Barnett

    The Haiti quake actually knocked the earth 2 degrees off its axis, the whole area had to be remapped.

  • Patrick Huang

    As tides rise/fall with moon, and seasons with sun, our human civilization also cycles in lock step with our sun’s orbit with Sirius. Most stars in our galaxy are in pairs. We’re transitioning from age of pisces, trade/greed, Matthew 14:13-21 to age of aquarius Luke 22:10. The history on this planet is determined by it’s position relative to other stars/planets. For those who have done little alchemy, changing fate is as easy as going out there and changing the position of stars/planets to suit your new scenario. As above, so below.

  • Rex Rabbit


  • cowcharge

    I don’t discount thousands of years of “primitive” science. But I would think that if the Earth had shifted enough to cause these changes, that NASA would already know about it. It’s not like changing angles between Earth and the Sun are a new thing.

  • Willyuh Loveridge

    this video was uploaded in 2014 and probably filmed in the 90’s by looking at the camera quality. fake news 😛

  • Hrnakshi Joashi

    Old article… but true. Even science says that the Earth shifts time and again – particularly the angle of the axis, poles switch, etc. This was in the 9th grade ICSE geography textbook that I had years back…

  • lafitte

    Video is from 2011.

  • Belinda Walker

    Yes. I believe they are spot on. It is not due to climate change. Over the thousands of yars it has followed a similar pattern.

  • Andrew MacDonald

    I am not surprised by this article. I have noticed for at least two years now the midday sun in Brisbane was in the 1030 position. Local climates have changed and yes throw in the effect we have on the planet as well…global warming. This could have happened with the Banda Aceh earthquake…9.2 mag. They say the earth tilted and therefore it spins on a different axis. Some days we have 150 earthquakes in a 24 hour period. Some days we can have an 8 mag, couple of 7’s, and fistful of 6’s. Busy day. Could be a polarity switch approaching consequently unsettling the earth’s electromagnetic grid balance. Would explain beached whales and dolphins that sense by sonar. Many localities around the world have their own issues that we don’t hear about. Holland has had sand appear on the banks of its rivers and nobody knows from whence they came. Three months later they are sand dunes! Altered water currents from a tilt. Scientists would be able to divine where the sand came from by sampling. They don’t want to alarm people. Some body knows whats going on and I gaurantee we will feel something relatively soon.

  • Monique Topman
  • The Fuzz

    I have actually been to Barrow and have spoken with Inupiat tribesmen. I was told that the number of thunderstorms they’ve seen in the past few decades far outnumbers all in their recorded or spoken history, and they’ve lived there for six thousand years. Someone asked him why the thunderstorms in the polar region were increasing and he answered without hesitation, “Global warming.” Don’t take it from me, go to Barrow. Talk to the Inupiat elders, they’re friendly, interesting and wise. Listen to them.

  • diogenes23

    What they mean by wobbled might not mean what we mean by wobbled. perhaps it is something besides the axis. something internal we cannot measure easily.