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Pedophilia In Hollywood EXPOSED: Corey Feldman Finally Speaks Out!

  • Alice Mango


    • youmustgo

      Not his. Human trafficking is huge and must be outted. Now’s the time.

  • Elisaveta Berger

    Chris Cornell and Chester Benington were murdered from the same sick guys!

  • Pennington Smythe

    Feldman has been talking about this for years but will not name names. His friend is dead but still silence. He just wants to stay in the public eye or he would have been at the police department years ago. He should have said something before Haim died which leads me to think this is a bull story just to keep his name in the news. Have you heard his “music”? No talent.

    • Anne Michelle

      The comment above shows profound ignorance of the nature of sexual abuse….