Earth we are one

According to Psychology, Talking To Yourself Is A Sign Of Higher Intellect

  • Klabauterhuhn

    Lucky me. Seems like i´m not mad at all XD

  • Kishorchand Thangjam

    Mashare Shortcode is not working 🙂

  • Samuel

  • Letem Dangle

    Well then, I write comments that nobody reads. I must be a genius!

    • Koko San

      not anymore haha!

  • joe o’connell

    when i went into business for myself ( Many many years ago ) i tape recorded my goals and listened to my own voice over an extended period of time , i far exceeded what i had proposed

  • Michael Black

    Ya know…sometimes there just isn’t anybody else intelligent to talk to…and ya jUst GOTTA SAY SUMTHUN’.