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Is everything we’ve been told about Human Origins and history a lie?

  • Maciej Mrozowski

    In short the human history on Earth looks like this: The universe teems with live and there are much older civilizations in our galaxy. It is created to be biased for the evolution of living organisms. On Earth humans developed from primates many hundred thousand years ago. About 200 000 years ago the Pleiadians came to Earth in performing a service to the great central source, to seed humanity with divine spark. It was then that we received an immortal soul that incarnates here in physical form. At that time there were about 26 different kinds of humans as nature like with all other species creates variety. The Pleiadians first made sure that all but one species slowly fade away and only one kind remained. This took them about 150 000 years. With only one species left they gave us part of their DNA and fused two of our chromosome pairs into one chromosome. That is why science looks at a puzzle of all primates having 24 chromosome pairs and we have only 23. They don’t understand it and search for the missing link. It will be found, when we become able to see quantum energies. Our 24th chromosome pair will show itself in the quantum state when we have devices that display quantum energies. The Pleiadians created the first civilization of Lemuria about 30 000 years ago and thought the Lemurians, what they needed to know and left us alone to see where humanity will go if left by itself. It was the first and longest lasting civilization on Earth but eventually Lemuria sank in the Pacific ocean (the Hawaiian Islands are the remains of Lemuria) and the Lemurians became a see fairing nation and dispersed all over the globe. There were three more civilizations and some with advanced technology but they all became dysfunctional and destroyed themselves to start over. What we find and can’t explain are the remains of these civilizations. They had the technology to precisely cut stone blocks and transport them without any problems, because they knew how to create massless objects with magnetics. Nikola Tesla discovered massless objects in his laboratory in Yugoslavia, when he experimented with magnetic fields, but he never understood how to control them. We are the fifth civilization and our history goes back about 5 000 years. We don’t see anything beyond that, because scientists are stuck in the box of current knowledge. There is of course much more to say about this but that would require writing a book. So for now I leave it at that.

    • Gregg Jacot

      Great answer, thank you for sharing.

      • Maciej Mrozowski

        Thanks for this article.

    • Gregg Jacot

      MM, How did you become so aware?

    • Deplorable Me

      The real question is…how did you become so incredibly deceived?

  • Kimberly Denell Richardson

    Every day is finding something new in places we never expected. Perhaps we should just say, until otherwise notified, this is what we know.