A 3-Year-Old Boy Recalls His Own Murder In Past Life, Locates The Body, And Identifies His Killer

  • susan layton

    I think the boy was taught to do this to catch the murderer. Someone knew something about this murder and I don’t think it was the boy.

    • Soozi Qu

      The only person that could possibly know all the details might be the murderer. How could we explain the birthmark on the boy’s forehead? Sometimes we have to just accept that there are things that happen that can’t be explained physically. Like reincarnation recall.

  • Catherine Para Ensan

    I don’t think that reincarnation is so rapid, 1 year only between his death and his rebirth

    • Soozi Qu

      No-one knows how quickly some souls incarnate. I believe it can vary between weeks or years, but we have no real way of knowing.