The First Thing You See in This Picture Will Reveal Your Deepest Subconscious Fear

  • redbirdll

    I saw a skull

    • Tomasz Gardenowski

      exactly the same 😀

    • britt

      So did I….

    • Cassie Gazaway

      Me to

    • Katherine Krueger

      Yup, me too. They don’t address it so maybe we don’t fear anything?

    • Eugene Hurlburt

      Me as well.

    • Angela Livera

      Me too!

    • JA Santos

      Me too! Specially when the image was small on Facebook!

    • Iryna Sarachman

      me too. Are we off our rockers,?


    • Ryn Dias Neely

      me too

    • Partha

      I too saw a skull, I think we the people who saw a skull should make a facebook or whatsapp group and do some interesting sensefull talk , because we are same minded, I think it will be very much fun as we dont know each other but we know we r same minded.. if interested then u can comment or inbox.

      • Peter Bjørstad

        i smell an orgy

        • Partha

          I didn’t get you

        • Molly

          Oh, so that’s what they smell like…

      • Laura Farmer

        I seen the skull too!!

      • Tina Phillips

        The first thing I saw was a skull and was surprised there was no explanation for that.

      • Ezekiel Baluca Loice

        Yeah, me too. First glance on the pic was a skull..

      • Shay Mar

        Me too — I saw the skull and the sun with the creepy O face in it… Neither one is listed #Boo

        • April El

          I saw the skull also but the sun rays remind me more of a gunshot wound in the forehead. That is how I interpreted it until I seen the actual picture. It is just a creepy photo because the butterfly has one eye, bear, and rabbit also only have one eye and they strawberry has lots of eyes for seeds. Interesting photo

      • Eugene Keith Billie

        Yeah saw the skull first, but a second later I saw the sun on the horizon and then saw the sun was an emojiface. This explanation of this perception test leaves alot out….

      • Marie Freeman

        That was the first thing I saw yet there is no mention of a skull

        • Michael Nye

          Likewise…ridiculous article…the majority of us saw the skull because it’s the most outstanding feature at first glance.

    • Kaytlin McLaughlin

      Right?? So did I!!

    • Julijana Salaji

      Me too 🙂

    • Rick Bentz

      You’re truly insane.

    • kudzu100

      I saw a skull as well. Why didn’t they address that?

    • jorussograf

      omg me also thats the first thing I saw

    • Kelli Moore

      Me too!

      • Kelli Moore

        The first time I saw the post I saw the strawberry but I happen to see it really quick and saw the skull..

    • BlairScheepers

      Me too! How was that not on the list?

    • seranvali

      Yes, I saw it too.

      • Susan Keech

        I too saw a face / skull very surprised it wasn’t mentioned

    • DannyJane

      Me too.

  • Bored Philosopher

    First thing I saw was the Skull…

    • Leonora Obed

      Me too

  • LKay

    Before I clicked on the picture, the first thing I saw was a skull. Once I clicked on the picture (making it larger) then I saw the girl and the other objects. So yeah, size matters.

  • gk

    the skull as well, so true LKay.

  • Olivera

    the skull – the death , but it is not subconscious fear , a bit familiar fear we are aware of …

    I saw butterfly , and I did not let myself grief over my dads death …

  • Valentinez

    Skull, but I know the Meaning: You Deepest Fear is Death.
    I think everyone has this fear though.

  • ScheherazOdd

    The first thing I noticed was the mushrooms!

  • evchrny

    i saw an eyeball on a butterfly

  • Miz King

    I saw a skull too!!

  • Michael Capo

    I saw a Skull…

    • Patti Barth-Rapstine

      I saw a skull too

  • Cristiano Chiarello

    Me too! What does that mean?

  • SCDW

    What about the skull? or is that too dark to describe?

  • Partha

    I too saw a skull, I think we the people who saw a skull should make a facebook or whatsapp group and do some interesting sensefull talk , because we are same minded, I think it will be very much fun as we dont know each other but we know we r same minded.. if interested then u can comment or inbox

  • Fima

    I saw a skull! Was looking for this option in the answers but didn’t find, then I saw your comments. Yo people we’re chosen to save the world! So let’s get started and know each other’s :))))

  • C. Cammy

    It’s a skull illusion painting by Trevor Brown. What you see first has nothing to do with who you are as a person this is simply a cold read.

  • Kian Yen Lim

    So us skullies are supposed to turn violent vigilante like The Punisher?

  • adenike Akinjobi

    I saw a skull!

  • B Berta Gudjons

    a Skull, and nothing about that,, strange 🙂

  • Eduard Mucholapka

    same with me… skull gang in progresss 🙂

  • Peg Ayres

    I also saw a skull. Maybe it is the fear of fear itself. Lol

  • Laura

    just the skull… no reference to what it means…:/

  • Daniel Washington

    i saw a Mexican ladies smiling where is that definition

  • Rein Kaiser

    I saw a skull

  • Paul

    Saw a skull like the rest of ye intelligent people, maybe its got to do with the fear of death, or not fulfilling our true potential lol

    • Gina Okeefe

      me too

  • Christy Mace-Phillips

    I saw a skull first.

  • Rick Bentz

    first thing I saw was a skull – immediately following the third eye or light above the strawberry

  • Marissa K. Edwards

    I saw the skull as well, which they did not address…

  • Debbie Rowe

    I saw the sun first lol.

  • Lynn Moore

    I don’t know – the eyes everywhere kinda freaked me out a little bit. LOL.

  • Kathleen Auclair

    I saw a skull

  • Tonya Klaes

    I saw skull too

  • Thomas Simpson

    What about the skull?

  • katk61

    I enjoy these but this one seems a bit ridiculous. Someone could see the little girl because of a positive from childhood, it does not necessarily mean fear. And I saw a skull, and since we seem to be making things up, I deem it to mean that those who see the skull are authentic and genuine, they can see beyond the masks that most people wear and the bs of things. Great friends, great people, ha! 🙂

  • Eva Lee

    the first thing I saw was The Sun 🙂

  • Maria Shahriari

    i saw the skull ,what does it mean for me?

  • jaimesoto

    yo vi una calavera 🙂

  • Tina Vaughan

    I saw a skull

  • Johanna Corley

    I saw a skull but it does not give an explanation. I was recently diagnosed with an aneurysm on the aorta artery near my heart, maybe the reason I saw the skull is because I know I am living on borrowed time.

  • disqus_iHoW1MuKgr

    I saw the little girl

  • EMES

    seems like everyone saw only the skull, but there is no explanation lol

  • April El

    Well that is Sad because I saw the Skull first I didn’t see the girl til I went more in depth of the picture.
    who ever interpreted the pictures didn’t Failed to describe the picture as a whole. 🙁 Bummer

  • Carrie Plom

    I also saw the skull first and found it odd no mention was made

  • Rebecca Chanin

    I saw a skull ?

  • Michael Nye

    Why isn’t the skull mentioned…it’s outstanding at first glance when the picture is first taken in its entirety.

  • Michael Nye

    Dumb article…the skull is the outstanding feature at first glance because we take it all in then hone in on particulars after.

  • Carol Traxler

    I saw a skull and was very surprised it wasn’t covered. Most of these psychological “tests” are bogus.

  • Paula Silva

    I saw a skull however I don’t think I fit in the description, I don’t fear death more than any other person. In fact I don’t give i much thought , it’s a natural thing. Now if you ask me I am afraid of the way it will come for a numerous reasons… once more: like any other person, I guess.