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20 Signs You Were Actually Being Raised By A Toxic Parent

  • Tern

    Why is there still very little talk of toxic school teachers, which is what I had?

    • Janet Robinson-Gillmore

      People are reluctant to rock the boat. They are concerned with how it looks on them as opposed to doing the right thing. Child abuse is a taboo subject and children suffer in silence so much of the time. We are all ‘good enough’. We are all intended on this planet. We are all valuable.

      • Sansevieria

        Well said!

    • Jill Oriente

      Good question. I am almost 44 and still feeling the effects of my 2nd grade teacher.

      • Sams_1

        Senile nun put in a room with 40 7 year olds…..NOT GOOD.

  • Steve C Scott

    Once I was 17 and in the Navy hoed mine own road.Mom and Dad were not perfect but I knew they loved me.Mom spied on me and had depression in the end I overcame it all and tried my best to be a good dad to my three sons.They are all grown now and we all carry on a friends.Love is good.Sometimes if you can you must leave it all behind and start anew.Only you can do this, only you.

    • Edel King

      a wise man. lucky kids had you as their dad.

  • Sansevieria

    That’s only 18 signs, not 20.

    • Charles F Willes

      Well, that’s a negative comment showing the author’s shortcomings…..You are learning to be a bad parent already.

      • Sansevieria

        Only in your opinion, which means nothing.

        • Sansevieria

          And Chuck is blocked. So glad Disqus added this feature.

          • Charles F Willes

            Oops, another sign of bad parenting, saying you are going to do something and then you don’t……I’m not blocked.

        • Charles F Willes

          Another sign of bad parenting, dismissing another persons opinion.


    Augh, yeah, my parents are highly toxic and severely messed me up. I still have to deal with them.

  • Cassy Casandra Evelyn

    My parents did a lot of this, but learned to do less and less as they got older and wiser. By the time I was a teen, they had unlearned almost all of this toxic behavior. Except when they divorced, my dad despite learning better himself) allowed his new partner to pull almost all of this, so I still didn’t get to escape it.

  • Danny

    Let me guess, some entitled prick millennial wrote this., first whoever wrote this can’t count and some of the listings are just repeats. Some of these are valid points, but there is a lot of pussified bullshit peppered in just to reach a goal.

  • E-ticket-lizabeth

    once a toxic parent, always a toxic parent. Will deal with mine until MY death and hoping I don’t share too many toxicities with my own kids.