People Who Cry During Movies Are The Strongest People of All

  • Rhodetrip

    Pass the hankie!

  • Lissa Anne

    The word is empathic, not emphatic. Emphatic is to do something with emphasis, put on a strong show, be very clear, etc. It denotes performance and communication, not emotion.

  • Melpomene Cotsis

    Τhis is a completely random opinion of someone I don’t know taken from the opinion of someone else who is a complete unknown. I don’t think this is true. At all. First of all, there’s no scientific evidence for it. and secondly I know people who cry at movies who are absolutely clueless I.Q. wise. Personally, I think it’s the complete opposite. I knew a sociopath who would cry at every movie he saw. So for me, this theory is absolutely groundless