The Lie We Live . . . ! Everybody Should Watch This Video. I’m Speechless.

  • Jan Costello

    Awesome, Loved it all and some made me tearful too. Each day I try to make just a small change to not only my life but any ones around me. Thank you, Will keep sharing this. Many blessings your way

  • Mark Tuosto

    The Truth is Not always the Truth and thats why Jesus said the Truth will set You Free ! He Jesus is the Truth the Way and The Life !!! No Man can Come to the Father Except by Him Jesus ,so Find out what he is All About and meditate on His Word and you will find eternal and natural Peace within YOU !

    • zhinka chunmee

      Jesus was half alien so he cannot speak for humans

      • Steve Barker

        He can speak for half the humans.

        • zhinka chunmee

          that is true I guess, science now has shown his blood type was B- and also that anyone with B- blood type is part alien so maybe we are holy and the rest of you are all going to burn in hell since you do not share his blood type

    • Steve Barker

      John 17:3

  • Dee Jenoch

    This is so true and we have to make changes starting today

  • Lori Blacklidge

    Truth, expressed in a touching compelling manner. Thank you!

  • sunil

    Look within yourself.God as a Third party does not exist as a Creator to Protect or to Punish People.

  • Arye Michael Bender

    Much truth here.