Jim Carrey’s New Interview: “We Are a Field of Energy.. and I Don’t Care”. However, 90% of People Don’t Understand Him

  • Matt Clapper


  • Sue Howells

    I like some of the articles this website has but I have to say the size of the ridiculous ads you have all over the page really put me off visiting your site. Maybe consider reducing the sizes?

    • d1zzyDee

      maybe consider helping yourselve with an adblocker instead of showing your incompetence by demanding that from others.

      • Scott Cofrancisco

        Maybe take your head out of your anus and … no wait … you are a WHOLE anus … so you won’t be able to do that. That – is all.

        • d1zzyDee

          you love eating ass dont you Scott?!

      • Sue Howells

        My point was that the ads take away from the interesting content on the page. Not sure how I was ‘demanding’, I simply asked them to consider reducing the size.

        • d1zzyDee

          do you know how advertising works? furthermore can you imagine that the size is crucial? and do you realize that if an ad is blocked completely then there would be no need whatsoever to ask about the size? ppl are so dependent these days instead of solving problems by themselves… pathetic.

          • Sue Howells

            Wow you really are triggered! Haha 🙂 Yes I know how advertising works, in fact I have 4 websites of my own that all have advertising on them but they are relevant to the website content and they blend in very well with the site design and not in your damn face! I also have Adblock set to the Acceptable Ads Program because I don’t have an issue with advertising at all but I don’t like huge in your face ugly ads that are NOT relevant to the website content.

            So get of your high horse mate, go and take a deep breath and chill out, you’ll be amazed how good it feels haha. By the way I am a born problem solver and totally independent :).

          • d1zzyDee

            Ah of course now it´s absolutely comprehensible: when 1 crazy dog lady doesnt like BIG HUGE ads all websites should please adapt to that. BUT not as demand only as a question. god almighty! I´m chilled all the way because I enjoy the interwebz as I want it – as I set it. #feelsgood

          • Sue Howells

            Haha so now you have to resort to name calling, a typical tactic used when your argument is failing. I did not demand and I did not use the word ‘should’ in my comment. I used the words “Maybe consider reducing the sizes?” and I certainly didn’t refer to ALL websites!

            Less is more for good advertising on a website. Even Google Quality Guidelines would consider this particular website as poorly designed due to the ‘in your face’, irrelevant ads.

            Maybe you should consider educating yourself on good marketing and website advertising per Google’s Quality Guidelines then you may understand where I was coming from but then again maybe you just enjoy trolling people.

          • d1zzyDee

            enjoy your life and keep asking nonsense questions. you might wanna google “ADBLOCKER” thank you.


    Thats weird on FF, the article doesnt show

  • Classychassy

    I read somewhere that Jim is a Bi-Polar so, maybe that’s why he has such outrageous thoughts on life.

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