Science Confirms: Intelligent People Go to Bed Late, Leave a Mess Everywhere, and Use Bad Language

  • Realistic Goalz

    Couldn’t agree more

  • Deadplanet

    Especially # 5. Imagination and creativity are how many people survive in dark times.

  • Chris Townley

    First I’d like by plucking the wings off this fly, and then throwing it on the ants nest, simply because I hate with a passion flies, and mosquitos, and apparently, so my mother told me, I would shit my nappy if a blow fly went by. I think you have been canvassing too many Dullards!

  • Chris Townley

    Many mistakes generally mean you haven’t bothered to think the problem through enough. Experimentation can be fun, however it an ends is in mind, thought needs to be involved.

  • Chris Townley

    There you are you got me so cranky with this idiocy, my thoughts were bubbling out faster than the keyboard could cope with, and I’ve written a fair bit of Gibberish, First I’d like to proceed by plucking….; however if an end is not in mind, you’ll get no where, thought needs to be involved, not just Oh I’ll try this, nah, ok this. Largely this might get somewhere, however its like the analogy of the room full of chimps with Typewriters, and expecting to get Shakespeare’s works!

  • jimpemberton

    So, “Science Confirms” the first three points, which were given as unreferenced studies in the articles. The rest of the points look like they were taken from Bartlett’s Quotations. I’d like to see at least the abstracts.

  • Patrick Shannon

    So, Science confirms that intelligent people are stupid.

  • Diane Smith

    I’m a fucking genius then!

  • Not pro Israel

    Many geniuses have OCD, are neurotic, need distance from others and want nothing but to meet someone who can connect otherwise absent correlations, to draw larger conclusions…

  • KWB

    Hmm, now that’s thinking outside the box alright….trick is, like the ending of the Universe at some point….what in the HELL is on the OTHER side?

  • Mitch Yamamoto

    I have never played sports to win anything or gain prominence… I played to up my own abilities and help others to find their own!

    Competition is for fools and boobs, it proves nothing to nobody and brings insight to the enlightened!

    • hardwroc

      Sporting competitions are not really about “proving anything”. It’s about the competition, where each strives to succeed in the sport to victory. It’s a contest of strategies, execution and effectiveness in the given sport.

      • Mitch Yamamoto

        I dunno what world you may reside in but in this one it certainly is HIGH PRIORITY! I have seen it and witnessed it personally… a destructive residual effects! I stopped playing to WIN, I play to up my game and that is it!

        I cannot help but feel for those who get criticised for their efforts! (I personally will never do that to anyone… it just sucks)

    • Lauren Henderson

      Mitch, I think competition is a bit more complicated. So many people seem to be compelled to compete and a healthy urge to compete probably serves to help people survive over time. Maybe competition isn’t as valuable if you are not in a threatening environment. It is likely you have the luxury of playing to up your own abilities and help other’s b/c you are not having to defend your home, your safety, your food supply, etc. You are living at the level of Maslows highest point but for those living at the bottom or near the bottom of the Hierarchy, competition is a necessary skill/urge/trait. Calling people boobs and fools without knowing the context of their lives may make you a boob and a fool. You are suffering from egocentrism my dear.

      • Mitch Yamamoto

        LH: I am not just calling them boobs and fools without rhyme or reason… (heh, heh, heh Maslowe’s Hierarchy of needs… doesn’t come to mind really! It is more like Darwin’s Natural Selection(Only The Strongest Survives – unless you prove to everyone that you are simply too good) and I have heard an earful of semantical rantings and paraphernalia to go with my somewhat sad conclusions on the rink, ball field that unfortunately isn’t the reality no matter how you may dislike my conclusions. I have witnessed the End Results of what parents and others spit on individuals and hurl verbal insults and items onto the field or ice or pitch.

        Sometimes I pondered ‘things’, before I stopped playing in front of people… I felt the acrimony and the violence that I was too good to be in House League Baseball! I was spit on, screamed at, subject to beaning(hit by pitch) sometimes in a game up to 4 times! Now tell me how can one accurately conclude that I am not over-exaggerating m y experience? I was too good at baseball for my own good and was punished for being one thing or another! I didn’t even want to play in a league… just wanted to play for the sake of playing(nothing serious) and yet the FUN disappeared(SO DID I)!

  • elizabetta

    Finally – an article that confirms what I always knew – I’m a [email protected]&ing genius!!!!

  • Sidney Schultz

    I feel redeemed….. 🙂

  • Donald John

    Too bad this website is about the same as the onion.

  • Joyce

    Hey! I represent that….LOL.

  • Hector Herrera

    Good excuses to felling me more smart!… 😉

  • Hector Herrera


  • Deena Patrick

    The word intelligent does not mean that the person is actually smart, to survive in this world you need to have common sense. You probably met people like this that seem very intelligent, but put them outside there normal surroundings such as in the wilderness to survive, they may not have the smarts on how to survive. This article mentions the IQ less then 75 requires more sleep and those with 125 IQ required less sleep. Geriatric people that live in institution environment situation require less sleep and sometimes get as little as four hours of sleep a night .Do we classify them a geniuses? or maybe there body requires less sleep because the metabolism has slowed down? Psychologists also mention that intelligent people have messy environment and can be more productive and more creative. I am not quite sure on this one also, I have a pretty good IO I keep a clean place but some of my creative writings for college papers was done outside. I don’t know who takes claim to # 6 intelligent people look at failures as a learning experiences, and also keep working at things until they are solved. this makes me think of the word motivation and anyone can be motivated, this has nothing to do with intelligence. So why do some people stay up longer then others? Perhaps age has to do with this, or maybe the person worked all day then, finds time for themselves later in the evening. I think a high IO and intelligence is just a small part to why they stay up late.

  • Lloyd Backhouse

    I think that you need to learn the difference between inspiration and plagiarism.

    Also, quotes from famous people used as filler is opinion, not science.

  • – AmbieticA –

    I totally agree with #6. It accumulates wisdom. But #1 Are you fucking kidding me?!? Wait …woopsies… 😉 :p