18 Traits of People With True Integrity

  • Woody Wazzo

    19. And apparently they don’t post comments either.

    • William Pittmon

      People with these traits tend to keep their good deeds and action out of the limelight, after all humility is one of the”rules” they live by. People with integrity are not stupid. Personally I think they fear the loss of any integrity because they worked hard to get it.

  • Larry Cork

    These are rules that are easy to speak of, and often difficult to do. The ego interrupts your stream of thinking and wants you to follow your fears. You are afraid that if you do the right thing somehow you will come up short. Only when you think that your cup can be filled again and their is enough for everybody do things run smoothly.

    • shemustbenuts

      Not difficult at all if it is your character. These aren’t rules, they are character traits. I live my life by these traits without even thinking about it.

  • Marie Schmude

    If its one thing I cannot stand or put up with people its DISHONESTY, being FAKE and only around when they are in NEED of something, Telling LIES, STEALING and people who only think about themselves ONLY and no one else…..Stay FAR from people like this who choose to all that is WRONG in this life, they are not your TRUE Friends….For a man or woman will Reap exactly what they shall Sow in this Life…BE AWARE OF THESE TRAITS that people who claim to be your so called “FRIENDS” possess.

    • Jim Court

      Very good Marie.

  • Chris Lomas

    I scored 7 out of 18, is that good?

    • Carl Schleg

      Good start

  • Jerry Kontos

    #19 would be finding it not easy to fit in with society.