There Are 8 Kinds of Souls. Which One Are You?

  • Chris Marcelle

    can you be more than one?

    • Janice Burdick

      I was wondering the same thing for a minute. Then, I realized that….of COURSE you can!! Right? I mean, we have probably been “all of the above” and THEN some, throughout our many, many lives. And certainly we can have attributes from all of the above categories, as well as alllllll the MANY categories that weren’t listed.

      • Chris Marcelle

        I also believe as we go through this life time and do our ‘work’ we change too. There was a time I was so co dependent that I (felt) I had to take care of everyone! When I hid behind my humor I was the Sage I even was a warrior… Think more about it, yes I have been every one, today I feel more like the Scholar – Priest on my way to the Shaman! And yes I too have lived many lives.