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Wild Caught Salmon Found to Contain Cocaine, Antidepressants and Pain Relievers, But That’s Not All

  • KeeperoKeys

    Follow the money man. Who paying who to allow this to happen ? Someone has bought off a lot of people to just let this slide. Fukushima dumping enough radioactive poison into the ocean to kill every living thing in the pacific and its working. I wont eat anything from the pacific ocean any more. The Atlantic ocean is ruined by pollution now as well from the garbage that’s been dumped in it for decades and the oil and chemicals being dumped in the gulf of Mexico to make the oil go to the bottom. Chemicals are now found up past NS in Canada. Who are these people that are ruining the whole Earths eco systems and seemingly getting away with it. My only solace is in scripture ” I will bring to ruin those ruining the Earth ” Rev 11: 18 is but one ref.

  • Dianne Lynn Gardner

    Authorities know there are two huge leaks from waste water plants into the Puget Sound and have done nothing about it.

  • Frank Mancuso

    Frank Mancuso As bad as this is there are far worse things. We are also losing carbon sequestration due to the loss of phytoplankton in our oceans. Phytoplankton the beginning of the food chain sequesters CO2 and converts it to most of the planet’s oxygen. Phytoplankton is now ingesting PCB laced marine microplastic and is in a 40% decline. Every river, stream, and estuary is inundated with storm drains that cause this. I have fought this for 30 years in Federal Court and have come away with one observation. CEO’s are the mothers of all terrorists and unless we paint them as the face of evil and prosecute them as terrorists we will perish. They took our air, oceans, land, forests, mountain tops, governments, and give back cancer, war, pollution, extinction.

  • Christine B.Osborne

    Horrific. But never heard the phrase “delectably delicious”…