DTaP Vaccine Shatters UFC Fighter’s Family After It Kills Their Healthy Boy

  • Jacque Russo

    How are you supposed to read this fricking articles?

    • Bill Nada

      With an unhinged jaw.

    • Palmer Palmer

      Seriously that AD thought! Is blocking half the words!!! Annoying!

  • J Burdick

    Why do you have HALF THE SCREEN COVERED WITH YOUR DAMN LOGOS??? I missed the first half of the story! FIX THAT, WOULDYA???
    As for the story itself…. WHEN will people begin to understand, that vaccines are FILLED with HORRIBLY TOXIC SUBSTANCES, THAT DON’T BELONG IN HUMAN BODIES??????? Just like the whole fluoride problem… BELIEVE me when I tell you that fluoride is NOT MEANT to be in our bodies!! Yet it’s being dumped into water systems across the country! And dental hygienists’ tell you to put it on your teeth. Why? Because they were TAUGHT that in school, and they bought into it hook, line and SINKER. The reason it’s being put in the WATER, is because it’s TOXIC WASTE, and they huge corporations who own the chemical plants, PAY cities to dump it in the water system. THAT’S WHY. And how about those Chem Trails, eh? Oh yeah…there are chemicals EVERYWHERE. They are in all your canned and boxed foods. In your meats. I mean WAKE UP PEOPLE. THE FUCKING “ELITE” ARE TRYING….AND I DO MEAN TRYING, TO POISON YOU. A smaller world population is easier to CONTROL. Didn’t you know?

    • J Burdick

      But what I should have said first and foremost, is how terribly sorry I am that this sweet, beautiful, innocent little baby, ended up being a statistic. PLEASE, people. Do NOT vaccinate your babies….at least not until these vaccines are CLEANED UP!!!!!

    • David McKale

      No nuclear weapons will make it easy to control everyone no matter how big all there is is the threat of it that deters people and it has worked out.

      • J Burdick

        I wasn’t talking about nuclear weapons. I was talking about the CHEMICALS that we are bombarded with on a daily basis…and that’s no “threat”, that’s a FACT.

  • Galenthor Storm

    it’s big pharma brainwashing the doctors to preserve their profits… regardless of the side effects of the crap they foist on us… btw, site webmaster… move the damn ad spam off the body of the story ya dimwit…

  • Bill Nada

    Admitting you don’t have proof, but have drawn a conclusion speaks volumes.

  • susandaytoday

    Grievous and unreal how we can be so blind to this toxic insanity . So sorry about your precious Angel . Who can fathom such pain . Prayers for strength in this war against the innocent .

  • mary54

    Is there another Link to read the full story.. All I get are the comments

  • monkminded

    Did I miss something in this article what did the cerebral spinal fluid show? Sounds to me like he went totally septic from meningitis

  • Don E. Latham

    I am so sorry that these people lost their son.

  • Kym Hickson

    A family lost their son and y’all are bellyaching over ads…. lets focus on why he perished and how and how we can lift them up…. Educate before you Vaccinate… RIP little man

  • disqus_9Kum238D8y

    Can’t read the article because there’s an ad covering it. Be nice if you could move or close those ads.