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A woman spent 14 years photographing our planet’s oldest trees, and here are the results

  • mark hudson

    Absolutely Stunningly Beautiful pictures..

  • http://www.theidioms.com TheIdioms.com

    Amazing pictures, I guess most of them are taken in Madagascar.

  • Pete

    Can any of these (or all of them) be downloaded for use as computer backgrounds? Beautiful!

    • Modiehi Wa Rakhatoe

      Totally agree Pete, i could look at them the whole day, amazing pics and photography indeed.

    • geodoc

      I don’t believe so, Pete. If you click your right-click on your mouse nothing happens, meaning the standard right-click method of downloading an image on screen has been deactivated by the publisher of these exquisite photographs. Too bad, but not at all surprising.

      • Pete

        Yes, right-clicks are blocked. I guess I could do screenshots.

        • MIchael Zicopoulos

          If you view on your phone you can do a screen shot capture then email it to yourself

    • Chris Conisbee

      just copy screen and paste into paint, job done (Y)

    • korikjones

      buy the book and scan them 🙂

  • Modiehi Wa Rakhatoe

    Wow, amazing pics.


    Nice effort. Most amazing

  • Ann Marie Improta

    I have always loved trees, and I think these photos are a treasure!

  • Anudeep SyamPrasad

    Brilliant photography. This is 1st time I experienced this genre of trees. Thanks to Beth moon.