A Japanese Buddhist Master Reveals 26 Rules of Life That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Jeremy Adam Walt

    I am a Buddhist, I still have a huge amount to learn how to understand the mind, as in the above mentioned.

    • RP

      You cannot understand your mind; it is impossible. From a scientific point of view just take a look on Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. From the Buddhist point of view it does not make sense. You are consciousness identifying with your mind trying to understand itself.
      The only thing you can do is to go out of your mind. You can do it only by breaking the circle feelings-mind-body, starting from feelings. Just feel your feelings and DO NOT try to understand them and consequently do not change them into actions.

      I can find some rules above as very unhelpfull. For instance, rule #20. Most wars and suffering are because people are doing what they feel is right. But there is no wrong or right. It is a big trap. You can always say Yes or No but it does not mean you are right. The rule is rather the opposite

      “do not follow your feeling of being right”.

      Just stop, observe yourself, do not do anything unless it is necessary or simply you want to say Yes or No. But it does not mean you are right. Observe your mind. It is very clever and is working very logically. But do not believe it. Otherwise you will not be able to go out of your mind for lifetimes. You are not your mind.