Disturbing Caribbean Images Show A ‘Sea Of Plastic And Styrofoam’

  • margeanncullen

    So awful and most people do not seem to care.

    • I.R.H.

      I’ll agree with you on that.

    • John Edward Royal

      There are many who care but feel bound helpless and ineffectual like this flotsam on the ocean

  • Melissa Davis

    Was this because of the several hurricanes we just had? Or is this how the ocean in this area is regularly.

    • John Edward Royal

      I believe this was shot before the hurricane

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  • Rodolfo Martins Candido

    mais 8 milhões de motivos para deixar de usar PLASTICO!!!! lembra daquele copinho descartável que você usa? então ele também faz parte disto tá. Enquanto você TOMA no copinho, eu bebo na caneca e o planeta agradece a minha contribuição.

  • John Edward Royal

    I’m so broken hearted seeing this happen from the fifties and sixties when Jacques Cousteau among a few thousand Scientific heroes brought it to the Attention of the world and their families and friends carry on the daunting task of fighting for our oceans against nearly impossible odds

  • John Edward Royal

    Why can’t we use it as a source of materials?

  • John Edward Royal

    Create a new nation

  • John Edward Royal

    We could push it into the arctic after altering it to replace lost ice and cool that area

  • Ettore Semeghini

    so many people go to that “island”. they could start bringing some plastic back… =]

  • Gerald Cattouse

    what a hell of a drag, that may mean that Utila and Guanaja are in the same hell as Roatan, eh ??, somebody has to get to get to Guatemalan authorities and clean the Motagua River

  • thelastrealrepublican

    anytime I see this many ads blocking the page the big red CLICKBAIT light starts flashing.

  • Ksuzanne Last

    This plastic is DUMPED into the ocean ! HUGE BARGES take tons and tons of garbage out to sea off all the coastal regions….Hawaii…..etc….and our great Lakes are being polluted also. The Chinese and Japanese….and India have biodegradable plates and silverware….In India….they are able to actually EAT THE BOWLS AND SILVERWARE. Don’t take my word for it…go on line!

  • Kristjan Šeremet
  • willynilly

    we lived before plastic we will live without plastic.