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India Throws Out Gates Foundation Due to Conflicts of Interest with Big Pharma

  • sabelmouse

    on top of all the opv cases!

  • Ajiesh Thuvanoor

    This is old news –

    later this year govt have signed with gates foundation for immunization
    program – Now they are doing HPV trials in schools in punjab as far as i
    Know –

    • Alan Wayne

      It’s not old new if it’s the first time you heard it, is it?

  • Art Moak

    I remember when Bill retired. He took his fortune and invested in pharmaceutical companies out of purely humanitarian reasons, I’m sure.

    • Kaylaa Birgit Umland

      Are you serious? He is the one who likes to play god and wants to control world population.

      • Terry Henderson

        you are right. If some of these dumb asses would find his lectures he talks about it

  • Kaylaa Birgit Umland

    Bill Gates should stand trial after the investigation. I just hope he is not able to buy his way out of it!

  • Margus Waffa Meigo

    After all, Bill Gates also prepares to protect us from Genealogy-genetic weapons and thinks out large,
    who knows, how much he personally knows who of hes thousands of sub ordinate offices was abused by what kind of pharma who joined in deal with foundation,

    • Margus Waffa Meigo


      Communists, liberals worked on these kind of things nearly 100 y ago, trained later even Adolf & SS seniors for temporally co-operation, (but yes their sides was opposite, just one was used by another one )

      Take look at old liberal organizations in Sweden & even Norway-Finland, up to today’s Fabian Society etc, who are absolute leaders of current day Marxism (and developing tools for future elimination of this part of society they can not surrender to their human will, but removing in a way that will not be noticed in History books but for sure not in Archaeology… kind of like they eliminated majority or ancient DNA shamanic ancestors (basically, also, targeted the ones who speak and know old history-skills and language)
      in latest Peru forced Sterilization program, hundreds-of-thousands… )

  • Naresh

    I trust our agencies more than Bill Gates. The Americans ( read goras ) can never do selfless service, it’s just not in their genes. They need to extract their pound of flesh. You take the example of Mother Teresa, she collected billions in the name of the destitute of Kolkata from all over the world, but the funds were diverted to the Vatican. When it came to medicines for the poor in her care, she would tell them, Jesus sent you here to suffer, just like he had done, to purify your soul. Never once has she spoken any good about India, the country that gave her the global brand she marketed to perfection.

  • zuch

    Go f*ck yourself, you anti-vaxxers. In my mind, you ought to be charged and convicted of murder for every death your stupid conspiracy theory produces. And I say this as the brother of an autistic person. Stop doing harm. Now. Please.

    • Terry Henderson

      lol… please, go ahead and take them. No one will stop you. Your sheep friends will be glad for you.

  • Sherman W Braithwaite

    Oh. I know the world is nuts and not very innovated what do you expect?